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Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. The Building Department processes applications for Building Permits, including the examination of plans. The Department undertakes field inspections of construction projects including enforcement action, as required, to gain compliance. The Department also provides information to the public in response to telephone, counter, and written inquiries.

Building permits are required for all structures as defined in the Ontario Building Code Act, Ontario Building Code and Township By-laws. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any structure over 10 sq. metres (108 sq. feet)
  • Wood burning appliances
  • Decks (either greater than 2 feet above grade or attached to the structure)
  • Swimming pools


Application to Construct an Accessory Structure

Application to Construct an Addition or Renovation

Application to Construct a Deck

Application to Construct a Dwelling or Cottage

Application to Demolish a Structure

Application to Install a Wood Burning Appliance

Application to Install an Outdoor Pool or Hot Tub

Septic Applications

The Township is responsible for all approvals relating to septic systems and holding tanks, and ensuring that these private sewage systems are operating properly. The Township has retained the services of C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd. to act as the approval agent for all sewage system related approvals. C.C. Tatham & Associates is also responsible for the Septic Re-inspection Program.

Sewage System Application

Sewage System File Search Request

On-site Sewage Inspection Fee Schedule

Guide to Operating & Maintaining Your Septic System

C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd.
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (noon)
130 Balm Beach Road West
Tiny, Ontario, L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-527-0119
Fax: 705-527-9001

Policies and Procedures

The Township of Tiny has approved By-law 15-095, being a By-law respecting construction, demolition, change of use permits and inspections and the implementation of a new Lot Grading/Drainage Plan Procedure effective February 2, 2016. This procedure outlines the required information that must be submitted with a building permit application for specific types of construction, including new home construction and major additions. This Procedure incorporates significant deviations from the present requirements for how site plans, grading plans and evaluation of soil conditions are dealt with through the building permit application process. If you have any questions, please contact the Building Department.

By-law 15-095

Lot Grading/Drainage Plan Procedure

Pool Enclosure By-law 96-111

Development Charges

Development Charges as of January 1, 2017

1. County of Simcoe

Residential ................................... $9,346.00

Apartments .................................. $5,275.00

Other Multiple Unit Residential ........ $7,748.00

Non-Residential ............................ $33.45/square metre

2. Educational Development

Residential .................................. $1,759.00

Non-Residential ........................... $0.47/square metre

3. Municipal Development

Residential (Single and Semi-detached Dwelling) ..... $3,900.00

Apartments (2+ BD) ............................................ $2,732.00

Apartments (Bachelor, 1 BD) ................................. $1,506.00

Other Multiples ................................................... $2,972.00

Wind Turbine ...................................................... $1,568.00

Non-Residential .................................................. $3.02/square foot

To convert square metres to square feet, multiply by 10.76
To convert square feet to square metres, divide by 10.76

County of Simcoe Development Charges

Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board Education Development Charges By-law No. 4502-13

Township of Tiny Development Charges By-law No. 15-036


Jamie Wilson, Chief Building Official

130 Balm Beach Road West
Tiny, Ontario, L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-526-5965 or 705-526-4204 ext 235
Fax: 705-526-2372
Toll Free:  1-866-939-TINY (8469)

Michael Hehl, Deputy Chief Building Official

130 Balm beach Road West
Tiny, Ontario, L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-526-5965 or 705-526-4204 ext 241
Fax: 705-526-2372
Toll Free:  1-866-939-TINY (8469)

Carrie-Ann Robillard, Building Secretary

130 Balm Beach Road West
Tiny, Ontario, L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-526-5965 or 705-526-4204 ext 234
Fax: 705-526-2372
Toll Free:  1-866-939-TINY (8469)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for permits?

Some building permit fees are based on the value of construction and some building permits are a flat rate.  Additional fees may apply depending upon the type of construction.

How can I obtain an application package for a building permit?

Building permit application packages can be downloaded from the Applications page on our website. Otherwise, packages may be picked up in person or mailed to you.  Kindly contact the Building Department if you would like to receive a package in the mail.

What are the consequences for constructing without a building permit?

Constructing without a building permit is an offense under the Ontario Building Code Act and charges can be laid under the Provincial Offenses Act.

What inspections are required once I obtain a building permit?

The required inspections are noted on the Building Permit.

What are the responsibilities of a building permit holder?

The Building Permit holder must ensure all construction is performed to the Ontario Building Code, Building Code Act and any Municipal By-laws.  The building permit holder must ensure all required inspections are requested and are “passed” by the building official.

If I have any questions who may I contact?

You may contact the Building Department at 705-526-4204.

Are there any time restrictions on a building permit?

Yes, construction must commence within six months of issuance of the building permit and construction cannot cease for a period exceeding one year.  An exemption may be granted at the discretion of the Chief Building Official.

What approvals are required before I can obtain a building permit?

The approvals required depend on the type of construction.  Information on the approvals required is contained in the building permit package.

How long does it take to get a building permit?

It takes a minimum of ten business days to review/issue a building permit once all applicable law has been met.

Why is a building permit required?

A Building Permit is required because of both Provincial and Municipal legislation.  A building permit also ensures your building is built in compliance to the Ontario Building Code and municipal zoning by-laws.

Where can I get a copy of my survey?

The Township of Tiny does not keep surveys of private properties for distribution to the public.  Surveys can be obtained from private surveying firms and you can find these companies listed in the Yellow Pages under "Surveyors-Land".  Alternatively, a copy of your survey may be available for purchase from Land Survey Records Inc. Their website can be found at the following link:

For general information on surveying services provided by Ontario Land Surveyors, call the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors at 1-416-491-9020 or 1-800-268-0718 or access their website at

How would I find out if there is an easement or right-of-way on a property?

These details can be found on either the deed of ownership or the survey of the property.  Visit the Land Registry Office for Simcoe County at 114 Worsley Street, Barrie, Ontario or call (705) 725-7232 to locate and view these documents.  Please note that a survey may not always be on file.

Are Vacant Lots "buildable"?

In response to this common question, the Township of Tiny cannot confirm whether a lot is “buildable”.

However, we can assist in providing information regarding zoning, septic servicing requirements and Ontario Building Code compliance to provide the basis of information for which a home owner or prospective purchaser is to satisfy.

Zoning By-law Information

In accordance with Zoning By-law 06-001, as amended, confirm the property zoning, the Permitted Uses and the associated Zone Standards. If the use is permitted, the zone standards (identifying setbacks, lot coverage, building height, etc. for any proposed structures) must conform with the by-law standards at time of building permit submission on a survey/lot grading plan prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer. We also note that, pursuant to Zoning By-law 06-001, as amended:

Section 4.18 Prohibited Uses states:

"a) The use of any tent, trailer or motor vehicle for human habitation, except where such tent, trailer or motor vehicle is located in a campground, in a trailer park or in a mobile home park."

Section Timing of Construction states:

"No detached accessory building or structure shall be erected on a lot prior to the erection of the main building on the lot.”

The above information is for reference only; for a complete list of Zoning By-law requirements, please refer to By-law 06-001, as amended. The By-law link is located on the Planning and Development page. Additional questions can be directed to the Planning Department (705-526-4204), located at 130 Balm Beach Road West, Tiny, Ontario, L0L 2J0.

For lots along Georgian Bay, specific zoning provisions regarding Georgian Bay setbacks are required in regard to the identification of the 178 metre Elevation of Georgian Bay on an updated survey prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor. This is the responsibility of the property owner to provide and/or obtain.

Sewage System Approval

The property must be capable of being serviced by an onsite sewage system. This includes (but is not limited to) ensuring all minimum clearance distances are met.

For more information regarding sewage systems, please contact C.C. Tatham and Associates Ltd., Township of Tiny sewage approval authority, at (705) 527-0119 (between 8:30 AM and noon).

Ontario Building Code

Your builder/contractor is to submit required drawings in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and the Township’s Building By-law, and approvals with any other applicable law as required at the time of building permit submission.

Disclaimer -

It is the responsibility of the owner and/or prospective purchaser to ensure they understand all Provincial, County, and Township regulations that would apply to building on a vacant lot and to satisfy themselves as to the above-noted information. The Corporation of the Township of Tiny, its officers and employees disclaim any liability for providing any of the information contained herein.