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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rental Facilities

​The Township of Tiny owns multiple multiuse rental facilities throughout the Township ranging from community centres, baseball diamonds, meetings rooms and covered pavilions. These facilities provide a great space for many different types of events and are available for rent by Tiny residents, the general public and local organizations. 

Community Centers

Tiny Township Community Center

Location:        91 Concession 8 East

Capacity:        275 without alcohol OR 237 with alcohol

​General Use:   The Township of Tiny Community Centre holds larger gatherings such as wedding receptions, celebrations of life, and galas.​

  • TTCC foyer.JPGTTCC foyer.JPG
  • TTCC hall 1.JPGTTCC hall 1.JPG
  • TTCC hall 2.JPGTTCC hall 2.JPG
  • TTCC horseshoes.JPGTTCC horseshoes.JPG
  • TTCC kitchen.JPGTTCC kitchen.JPG
  • TTCC meeting room.JPGTTCC meeting room.JPG
  • TTCC stage.JPGTTCC stage.JPG
  • TTCC bar window.JPGTTCC bar window.JPG

Wyebridge Community Center

Location:        8340 Highway 93

Capacity:        232 without alcohol OR 200 with alcohol

​General Use:   ​The Wyebridge Community Centre is ideal for sports games, leagues, tournaments, and other athletic activities.​​

  • WBCC hall.JPGWBCC hall.JPG
  • WBCC kitchen.JPGWBCC kitchen.JPG
  • WBCC meeting room (2).JPGWBCC meeting room (2).JPG
  • WBCC park.JPGWBCC park.JPG
  • WBCC diamond.JPGWBCC diamond.JPG
  • WBCC foyer.JPGWBCC foyer.JPG

​​Lafontaine Community Center

Location:        342 Rue Lafontaine Rd W

Capacity:        95 without alcohol OR 82 with alcohol

​General Use:   ​​The Lafontaine Community Centre is ideal for small gatherings such as family reunions, meetings/classes, baby showers, or birthday parties.​

  • LACC hall 1.JPGLACC hall 1.JPG
  • LACC kitchen appliances.JPGLACC kitchen appliances.JPG
  • LACC kitchen.JPGLACC kitchen.JPG
  • LACC Pic 1.jpgLACC Pic 1.jpg
  • LACC playground 1.JPGLACC playground 1.JPG
  • LACC diamond 1.JPGLACC diamond 1.JPG
  • LACC diamond 2.JPGLACC diamond 2.JPG
  • LACC foyer.JPGLACC foyer.JPG

To view an at a glance calendar of facility availability and bookings, please check our Facilities Schedule  or contact the Facility coordinator at ​​

Outdoor Facilities

​Lafontaine ​​Park
​Perkinsfield Park
​Toanche Park
​Wyebridge Park
​Wyevale Park
342 Rue Lafontaine Rd W​​
​43 County Road 6 South​
771 Champlain Road​
8340 Highway 93​10 Concession 5 East​​
​Baseball Diamonds
​Covered Pavilion

​Ice Rink
​Soccer Pitch
Tennis Court

​Basketball Court

Picnic Tables 

To check the status of our outdoor rinks please visit the ​Outdoor Rinks page​

Rental Process

To rent​​ a Township owned rental facility, you must complete a Facility Use Permit or Facility Use Permit - Outdoor Fields/​Facilities or Baseball Permit and submit it to the Facility Coordinator either by email at​ or in person at the Municipal office during the working hours of 9:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Once the application has been received a quote and further information will be sent to you. 

Rental Pricing

Rental Fees:

Please refer to Fee Bylaw 19-022 for further details regarding rental fees.

Insurance Fees:

Insurance can be purchased through the Township or the renter may provide proof of their own insurance which must name the Township as additional insured on the policy for a minimum of $2million liability. 

Insurance purchased through the Township is subject to the specifics of the rental such as duration, guest count and if alcohol will be served or not. For more information please contact the Facility Coordinator at


Each rental requires a key deposit of $50.00 of either cash or cheque to ensure the key is returned to the Township upon completion of the rental. Once the key is returned to the Municipal office, the key deposit will be reimbursed to the renter. Should the key not be returned or is lost, the Township will keep the $50.00 deposit to purchase a new key.

Additional Fees:

Additional fees may apply based on the scope of the rental such as the following:

Bartender           =     $20.00/ hour per bartender (one bartender per 100 guest)

Liquor​ License     =     Can be purchased online at 

Extra Tables       =     $65.00​

Damage Deposit =     $500.00 (may be required by request of the Facility Coordinator based on specifics of event) 

Special Events

​The Township is committed to supporting special events provided by charitable and recreation/sports organizations in Tiny through facility and parks rentals and provision of manpower and equipment. The special events policy outlines an equitable process for the allocation of facilities for special events and provides a guideline to ensure the public can experience a safe and enjoyable activity. You can access the related policies below and contact Bonita Desroches at for more info.

Special Events Policy 

Special Events Grants to Community Policy

Alcohol Risk Management Policy​ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sets up the facility for an rental event?

The Renter is responsible for their own set up and take down of their event. This includes tables and chairs which are available for use at each facility. 

Does each Facility have a Kitchen? 
Each facility has a kitchen that may be used by the renter; however, the stoves and ovens may only be used for heating purposes as no food is to be prepared in the facility. 

The Tiny Township Community Center is the only rental facility with utensils and other kitchen materials available for use; however, the Township cannot guarantee the use of these materials.

What type of decorations are allowed?

The Township of Tiny welcomes the use of decorations within the facility for your event permitting no damage is done to the hall. For further information, please refer to the Township of Tiny Rental Facility Policy.

Can I use my own Bartenders?

No. Renters must used Township sanctioned bartenders. For Bartending fees, please refer to the "Rental Pricing" section.

Do Not for Profit Organizations get any discounts?

Yes. Not for profit organizations can receive​ up to 55% off their rental cost. 

How late can my event go until?

As per alcohol regulations, alcohol cannot be served past 2:00am and all persons must vacate the Facility no later than one hour after this time (3:00am).