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Citizens Health Care Steering Committee (CHSC).

Born from the concern of potential loss of local ophthalmologic and colonoscopy/endoscopy services, and the tremendous community response, the Mayors of North Simcoe asked for a small task force to set up a Citizens Steering Committee.

Membership to this volunteer committee was advertised during the late spring of 2015 with the intent of having representation from each of the 4 Municipalities, First Nations and Metis/Inuit communities.  We also have a subcommittee that will support the work as we need many volunteer hands.

CHSC was launched in Sept 2015 with the mandate to:

  • Engage both the citizens and the healthcare community
  • Advocate for improved local healthcare
  • Inform and educate local residents
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop solutions that resolve problems and build and retain healthcare services

Our present (2015-2016) work

  • Increasing our understanding of current challenges and needs
  • Developing a communication strategy and related work plan
  • Implementing infrastructure and processes for providing effective 2 way communication with residents
  • Increasing citizen awareness, engagement and support for a CHSC
  • Seek citizen input
  • Continue recruiting more committee volunteers

Members of the CHSC are:

  • Deborah Clyne                                                           
  • Claude Marchildon
  • Fran Nychuk
  • Diane Ouimet-Schryver                     
  • Jennifer Radecki
  • Jim Richardson
  • Karen Roberts
  • Cate Root
  • Tammy Stadt 
  • Mary Warnock

There are two valuable resources that we think might be helpful for you to know about   for on line reliable and trusted information. is an online resource for any social need from housing to transportation to getting your driveway cleared of snow.  You can also call 211 to speak to someone live.

We also encourage residents to sign up for the weekly newsletter from your Mayor and to get on the event notifications for your municipality.



North Simcoe - March 2, 2016 – Municipalities from across Ontario came together on February 22, 2016  to discuss the continued reduction in health care services and potential hospital closures in small-town rural Ontario communities.  This health care crisis is a direct result of a funding formula that does not work in small-town rural Ontario communities.  All participating municipalities are committed to continue to advocate for a greater voice in local healthcare strategies and solutions with the Government of Ontario.

Access to quality healthcare services is a key priority for small-town rural communities. Despite this, decisions are being made between area Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and hospital boards in isolation of the municipalities and residents that these decisions impact most. Municipalities want, and deserve, to be a part of the solution for local community hospitals and can bring valuable assistance to the decision-making table.

Municipal involvement and input in this process would be advantageous to help ensure funding sources are protected through political steps, as well as interactions between all levels of government in Ontario.   The four North Simcoe Mayors agree “Our hospitals play a significant role in the quality-of-life, health and economic well-being of our communities. As the voice of our citizens, our municipalities need to have a greater role in healthcare decisions being made by our Hospital Boards, area Local Health Integration Networks and the Province. We want to be partners in the protection of our residents and communities by joining hospital boards and LHIN boards.”

The recent Ontario Budget does not provide a long term plan for our medium-sized hospitals in Ontario. Instead, small town, medium-sized hospitals are at risk of reduced funding, decreased services, and, in worst case scenarios, even closure. The current funding model has negative impacts on medium-sized hospitals and small town rural Ontario communities. Municipalities need to know the Minister’s long term plan to address these issues.

Hospitals not only impact healthcare in our communities, but viability and sustainability of our hospitals effect the economic growth of rural communities. Municipalities across Ontario have the opportunity to work together to protect these vital community assets. As a united group, municipal leaders are working together to advocate the provincial government for the following resolution:

THAT hospitals play a significant role in the quality-of-life, health and economic well-being of our communities, and therefore, municipalities should have greater involvement in the decisions being made regarding local healthcare by having representation on Hospital Boards and area Local Health Integration Networks.

Furthermore, municipal leaders have invited the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, to meet and discuss these issues at the Ontario Small Urban Municipalities Conference in May 2016 in Goderich, Ontario.