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Township of Tiny

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pictures from the Past

Below is a selection of the photographs that can be found in the Township of Tiny's Memory Box and Archival Fonds Collection and which demonstrate the Township's diverse history. 

These photographs, as well as the rest of the Township's historical photograph collection, are available in print for public viewing through the Memory Box Collection. More information about the collection can be found here​​.


  • Cabane à Sucre.jpgCabane à Sucre.jpg
    Cabane à Sucre. Date unknown.
  • 1) Barn Raising.JPG1) Barn Raising.JPG
    Barn raising taking place east of Wyevale. Circa 1920.
  • Laurin Home.jpgLaurin Home.jpg
    Laurin Home. Date Unknown.
  • colour wyebridge mill.jpgcolour wyebridge mill.jpg
    Wyebridge Mill. Date unknown.
  • Village de Lafontaine.jpgVillage de Lafontaine.jpg
    Village de Lafontaine. Date unknown.
  • Summer Homes at Cooks LakeSummer Homes at Cooks Lake
    Summer Homes at Cooks Lake. Date unknown.
  • wyevale fire.jpgwyevale fire.jpg
    Wyevale Fire Engine. Circa 1955.
  • Wyebridge Mills.pngWyebridge Mills.png
    Wyebridge Saw & Flour Mills. May 1900.
  • 2) Barn Raising.jpg2) Barn Raising.jpg
    Barn raising. Date Unknown.
  • 3) Field Crop Competition in Seed Potatoes - Lafontaine 1955.jpg3) Field Crop Competition in Seed Potatoes - Lafontaine 1955.jpg
    Lafontaine Field Crop Competition in Seed Potatoes. 1955.
  • 6) Arthur Court in General Store Perkinsfield.jpg6) Arthur Court in General Store Perkinsfield.jpg
    Arthur Belcourt in his General Store in Perkinsfield. Date unknown.
  • 9) Wyevale Train Station.jpg9) Wyevale Train Station.jpg
    Wyevale Train Station. Date unknown.
  • 10) Whithall's Mill and Wye River.jpg10) Whithall's Mill and Wye River.jpg
    Withall Mill and the Wye River. Date unknown.
  • 12) thunder bay mill summer 1899.jpg12) thunder bay mill summer 1899.jpg
    Thunder Bay Mill and Workers. Summer 1899.
  • 13) thunder bay mill, 1911.jpg13) thunder bay mill, 1911.jpg
    Logs floating into the Thunder Bay Mill. 1911.
  • 15) Thunder Bay Mill.jpg15) Thunder Bay Mill.jpg
    Thunder Bay Mill Employees. Circa 1911.
  • 16) Winter in Lafontaine 1949.jpg16) Winter in Lafontaine 1949.jpg
    Winter in Lafontaine. 1949.
  • 17) Winter Lafontaine 1949.jpg17) Winter Lafontaine 1949.jpg
    Winter in Lafontaine. 1949.
  • 18) round barn.jpg18) round barn.jpg
    Round Barn. Date unknown.
  • 19) A. Lummis.bmp19) A. Lummis.bmp
    A. Lummis. Date unknown.
  • 20) mr. Wildman at Bluewater.jpg20) mr. Wildman at Bluewater.jpg
    Mr. J.F. Wildman at Bluewater Beach. Date unknown. Mr. Wildman was a notable figure in the Township of Tiny, particularly for his donation of the Wildman Forest to the Simcoe County Reforestation Program.
  • 21) Lawson and Ice Team, c. 1930.bmp21) Lawson and Ice Team, c. 1930.bmp
    Lawson Ice Team on Georgian Bay. Circa 1930.
  • 22) ossossane Beach.jpg22) ossossane Beach.jpg
    "Ossossane Beach - Miles of Beautiful Clean Sand". Post Card. Date unknown.
  • 24)  Postcard of Ossossane Beach near Balm Beach Photo B E.jpg24)  Postcard of Ossossane Beach near Balm Beach Photo B E.jpg
    Post Card of Ossossane Beach. Date unknown.
  • 25) daoust bay.jpg25) daoust bay.jpg
    D'Aoust Bay. Date unknown.
  • 26)  Aerial View ossossane beach.jpg26)  Aerial View ossossane beach.jpg
    Aerial View of Ossossane Beach. Date unknown.
  • 27) Balm beach.jpg27) Balm beach.jpg
    "Just Sunbathing", Balm Beach in front of SoHomey Lodge, Balm Beach. Date unknown.
  • 28) Dance pavilion.jpg28) Dance pavilion.jpg
    Wagon Wheel Dance Pavillion, Balm Beach. Date unknown.
  • 29) Balm beach.jpg29) Balm beach.jpg
    Cars parked along the commercial strip at Balm Beach. Date unknown.
  • 31) Balm beach.jpg31) Balm beach.jpg
    The Georgian Grill at Balm Beach. Date unknown.
  • 32) Wymboolwood beach.png32) Wymboolwood beach.png
    Wymbolwood Beach. Date unknown.
  • 33) Wymbolwood Beach lodge.jpg33) Wymbolwood Beach lodge.jpg
    Aerial view of Wymbolwood Beach Lodge. Date unknown.
  • 34) Woodland beach.jpg34) Woodland beach.jpg
    Woodland Beach. Date unknown.
  • 35) Woodland beach.jpg35) Woodland beach.jpg
    Woodland Beach Post Office. Date unknown.
  • 36) Woodland Beach.jpg36) Woodland Beach.jpg
    Aerial view of Woodland Beach. Date unknown.
  • 37) Perkinsfield School Classroom.JPG37) Perkinsfield School Classroom.JPG
    Perkinsfield School classroom. Date unknown.
  • 38) railway wyebridge.jpg38) railway wyebridge.jpg
    Wyebridge Train Station. Date unknown.
  • 41) Pedlar in Randolph c1890.jpg41) Pedlar in Randolph c1890.jpg
    Unnamed Pedlar in Randolph. Circa 1890.
  • Balm Beach Store 1920s.jpgBalm Beach Store 1920s.jpg
    General Store at Balm Beach. Circa 1920.
  • band wagon wheel 2.jpgband wagon wheel 2.jpg
    Local Band playing at the Wagon Wheel Dance Pavilion. Date unknown.
  • Beach Signs.jpgBeach Signs.jpg
    Directory signs to the beaches of Tiny Township. Date unknown.
  • brunelle fam.jpgbrunelle fam.jpg
    Brunelle Family. Date unknown. Taken at 702 Concession Road 17 West, which was the Brunelle homestead. The Brunelle family was notable as Théophille Brunelle shot and killed the famed Wolf of Lafontaine on this property.
  • brunelle home.jpgbrunelle home.jpg
    Log home. Date unknown.
  • chateu gai.jpgchateu gai.jpg
    Chateau Gai. Date unknown.
  • Fabian Bottineau maple syrup.jpgFabian Bottineau maple syrup.jpg
    Fabian Bottineau tapping for maple syrup. Date unknown.
  • hwy93[1].jpghwy93[1].jpg
    Highway 93 through Wyebridge. Date unknown.
  • labatte home.jpglabatte home.jpg
    Labatte home in Thunder Beach. Date unknown. The Labatte home is still standing in Thunder Beach, and is recognized for it's age as the oldest standing structure in the area.
  • ossossane bake shop (2).jpgossossane bake shop (2).jpg
    Ossossane Bake Shop. Date unknown.
  • Police Officers - Andy Dumais and Fernand Maurice.jpgPolice Officers - Andy Dumais and Fernand Maurice.jpg
    Police Officers: Andy Dumais and Fernand Maurice. Date unknown.
  • railway.jpgrailway.jpg
    Railway construction. Date unknown.
  • ROM2010_11317_1, July 14,1947. F.Ridley,K.E Kidd, V.Clark, A. Lucas OSSOSSANE.JPGROM2010_11317_1, July 14,1947. F.Ridley,K.E Kidd, V.Clark, A. Lucas OSSOSSANE.JPG
    Excavation at the Ossossane Bone Pit. F. Ridley, K.E. Kidd, V. Clark & A. Lucas. Date Unknown. The Ossossane Bone Pit is a mass Huron burial site, with hundreds buried within it.
  • train 1.jpgtrain 1.jpg
    Train travelling through the Township of Tiny. Date unknown.
  • Waverly War Monument unveiling.jpgWaverly War Monument unveiling.jpg
    War Memorial Unveiling in Waverly. Date unknown.
  • William Withall in Sleigh.jpgWilliam Withall in Sleigh.jpg
    William Withall in a horse-drawn sleigh. Date unknown. William 'Bill' Withall ran the Withall Mill on the Wye River after coming from England through the Barnardo Homes as a young boy.
  • Wyebridge 1910.JPGWyebridge 1910.JPG
    Looking down Highway 93 in the village of Wyebridge. Circa 1910.
  • Morris Darby darby.jpgMorris Darby darby.jpg
    Morris Darby. Date unknown. Morris Darby served as Mayor/ Reeve of the Township of Tiny from 1971 until 1988. He also served as a Warden of Simcoe County in 1978.
  • 984-04 John and Ida Gidley E8 B3 R4A S9 Sh3.jpg984-04 John and Ida Gidley E8 B3 R4A S9 Sh3.jpg
    John & Ida Gidley, and their daughter. Date unknown. John Gidley was the patriarch of the Gidley Boat works, who helped develop inboard marine engines with the Ford Motor company. Upon his death, he was considered a pioneer of Canadian watercrafts.
  • Copeland Family Balm Beach Cottage 1924.bmpCopeland Family Balm Beach Cottage 1924.bmp
    Copeland family at a Balm Beach Cottage. 1924.
  • Laurin School SS19.jpgLaurin School SS19.jpg
    Laurin School, S.S. #19. Date unknown.
  • simpson store Waverly 1900.jpgsimpson store Waverly 1900.jpg
    Simpson Store in Waverly. Circa 1900.
  • H.E Copeland.jpgH.E Copeland.jpg
    H.E. Copeland. Date Unknown.
  • Withall Mill Colour.jpgWithall Mill Colour.jpg
    Withall Mill. Date unknown.
  • Cabane à sucre Laurin.jpgCabane à sucre Laurin.jpg
    Cabane à sucre in Laurin. Date unknown.