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​Hunting in Tiny

As per Council Resolution 838/15, Council supported Sunday Gun Hunting in Tiny. Please click the link below to view the Press Release. Sunday Gun Hunting is now in effect as the Ministry of Natural Resources has amended Ontario Regulation 663/98. Please click the "Sunday Gun Hunting Map" link to see other municipalities that permit Sunday Gun Hunting.

Press Release - Sunday Gun Hunting

The Township of Tiny has enacted Firearms By-law 08-073 that deals specifically with prohibiting the use of firearms on municipally owned property.

Private property owners, who do not wish persons to enter upon their property, must properly sign the property. In order for the provisions contained within the Trespass to Property Act to be enforceable, property owners at a minimum must post a sign that has a red dot on a white background. Signs that clearly state "No Trespassing" are readily available at most hardware type stores, are inexpensive and carry a very clear and concise message.

If a landowner encounters someone on their property and they do not have the expressed permission to be there, in the interest of public safety, the landowner should not confront the person or persons and police should be notified immediately by dialing the OPP Provincial Communications Centre at 1-888-310-1122.