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Township of Tiny

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Local Heritage​​

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The Township of Tiny has a rich cultural heritage, which the Heritage Advisory Committee is striving to preserve, promote and protect. 

It all started in 1842 when provisions began to establish municipal Councils in every district of Upper Canada. The Corporation of the Township of Tiny and Tay was created by the Parliament of Canada under the Baldwin Act of 1850. The Township of Tiny was named by a by-law that same year. The first meeting of the Municipal Councils was on January 30, 1851 in which Tiny and Tay were united Townships under the first Reeve, Samuel Fraser. The two Townships were united until 1869.

Throughout the nineteenth century, early settlers began to arrive and establish farms in the Township. Louis DesChenaux, a Drummond Islander, was the first to settle in 1833 east of Lafontaine and was followed by waves of French immigrants from Quebec. The area around Perkinsfield (which was originally known as St. Patrick's) was settled by Irish immigrants, then later by French immigrants from Quebec. 

Settlements developed along the Wye River in the villages of Wyevale and Wyebridge due to the operating mills, while the shorelines of Georgian Bay flourished with cottages due to their natural beauty. 

The Township of Tiny boasts a wealth of heritage and history. Explore some of it below!

Heritage Advisory Committee

Tiny Township's cultural heritage is supported by the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Click here for more information on the Heritage Advisory Committee.​

Heritage Properties

Information about the Municipal Heritage Register, list​ed and designated properties in the Township, and the listing and designation processes.​

Click here for further information on heritage properties.

Click here to view map of Local Heritage locations.

Heritage Publications

​The Heritage Advisory Committee has created the following publications, which​ allow residents and visitors to bring a Tiny piece of​​ history home with them. There is brief information about each publication below.

The heritage publications are available for purchase at the Township of Tiny municipal office, located at 130 Balm Beach Road West. 


Recollections: Township of Tiny
Recollections Cover.jpg
​A compilation of photographs, facts, and personal accounts narrating the heritage and history of the Township of Tiny. 

This publication is also available in French, and includes a copy of The Natural History of the Township of Tiny. 


The Natural History of the Township of Tiny
A Natural History of the Township of Tiny Cover.jpg
A detailed perspective of the evolution of the Township of Tiny, discussing scientific and geographical theories, population trends, current growth patterns, and potential future environmental crises. 


The North Simcoe Railway
​​The North Simcoe Railway Front.jpg
A history of the North Simcoe Railway, including details of construction, the routes travelled, memorable accidents, and more. 

Memories of Tiny Post Cards
​Share a piece of Tiny's history with a friend or loved one. These postcards feature photographs of the Township of Tiny and interesting facts. 


Pictures from the Past

Historical photos of people and places in the Township.​

Click here to vie​w photos.​​

Memory Boxes and Archival Fonds Directory

Inventory listings of artifacts in the Township of Tiny's Memory Boxes and Archival Fonds Collection. The collection contains artifacts, photographs and documents that shed light on the history of the Township. 

The collection is available to the public for viewing.

Click here for the Memory Box Directories.​​


Information about cemeteries within the Township of Tiny, and records of those buried within. 

Click here to view Cemetery Indexes.

Historical Points of Interest

An interactive map with links to information on schools, churches, parks, beaches and Villages in the Township.

Click here to view map of Historical Points of Interest

Previous Mayors/Reeves

A listing of the past Township Reeves and Mayors.​

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