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Township of Tiny

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​​​Interactive Zo​ning Map

You can now easily determine the zoning of any property in the Township! 

The Township's Zoning By-law 06-001 is now available as a searchable Interactive Zoning Map.  This interactive map applies zoning on an individual property basis, rather than showing the overall areas as depicted on the Zoning Schedules to the By-law.  The interactive map will allow you to search by address or Tax Assessment Roll Number and provides the user with zoning information for a property, on both a list and on a map.  There are also quick links to Zoning By-law information, such as Permitted Uses and Zone standards for a particular zone.

How to Find the Property

The following steps will lead you through the process for determining the zoning of a property. Please note that confirmation of the zoning of any property and the regulations and zoning provisions that apply should be sought through the Township's Planning Department.

Follow these steps:

  • Enter the address or Tax Assessment Roll Number (“ARN") of the property you want to know the zoning for in the Search bar, then select it from the drop-down list of results 
    • Note: Municipal addresses are only assigned to properties with a dwelling/structure. Vacant land can be searched by ARN. To find an ARN, visit the County of Simcoe Interactive Map.

  • The map will navigate to the selected property in the mapping window and the zoning codes for the property will appear in the Zoning Information section, along with the area of each zone (please note that the zone area is a GIS calculation and not a surveyed measurement)

  • Alternatively, you can pan and/or zoom within the map to find properties and zoning codes

  • Once you have found the property, click on the “Highlight" button in the Address Information section to confirm it is the correct property and record the zoning code for future reference

  • If there are multiple zone codes on a single property, you can highlight the individual zones by clicking “Highlight" beside the zone you wish to feature

  • Click the “Zoning By-Law" button below the mapping window to open a copy of Zoning By-law 06-001, the Table of Permitted Uses and/or the Table of Zone Standards, which describe the zones by each category (residential, commercial, etc.) in greater detail

  • There is also a “Map Layers"  button, which provides the option to overlay the aerial image

  • Click "Open in a new Window" for viewing on a larger screen

Explanation of Zone Codes

Each property is identified by a zone code that is formed from one or more parts, usually a letter designating the major land use type (e.g. SR for Shoreline Residential). Exceptions can also apply to specific properties (e.g. SR-4, with “4" being the exception that applies to a particular property or properties).

Last Updated: May 17, 2018

Help us improve the Interactive Zoning Map!

While every care has been taken to ensure that the Interactive Zoning Map is accurate, there may be some errors or anomalies in the display of the geographic data, place name data, or zoning codes. If you find an error or have a question about any of the data displayed or the zoning of a particular property, please call the Planning Department or contact us by email:


Zoning By-law 06-001 that is contained in the Interactive Zoning Map has been prepared for reference purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, however, it is not to be used in place of the actual By-law.  Zoning By-law 06-001 can be obtained at the Township Office or by downloading a copy on the Township website.  The zoning information that is presented is a representation sourced from Geographic Information Systems and is not based on a legal survey. In the event of a discrepancy between the zoning information contained in the Tiny Interactive Zoning Map and the information contained in the records and By-law of the Township, the information contained in the records and By-law of the Township shall be deemed conclusive. Under no circumstances shall the Township be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the Interactive Zoning Map. Zoning maps (Schedules) should always be referred to in conjunction with the text of Zoning By-law 06-001.

What is zoning?

The Zoning By-law conforms to the land uses designations in the Official Plan by providing detailed regulations pertaining to each zone. Zoning is an important tool for the municipality, as it promotes compatible land uses and encourages development in an orderly fashion of a variety of mixed uses throughout the community.  These regulations include information regarding such matters as permitted land use, setbacks to Georgian Bay and watercourses, maximum building height, minimum setbacks of buildings from property lines and maximum lot coverage. Additional requirements, such as accessory buildings and structures and home occupations, are also addressed.

The Township of Tiny's Zoning By-law 06-001, as amended, is the document that regulates the use of land, buildings or structures and can be downloaded from the Planning & Development Department webpage.

The Zone Schedules are divided in a grid pattern for easy viewing.  Please refer to the Index Grid to identify the appropriate zone schedule.