Man placing a plank of wood in a deck home renovation

Getting Started

Whether you're building a small deck for your home, or breaking ground on a completely vacant lot, make sure you have all the information you need before undergoing a construction project. The following pages include everything you need to get started on the right foot.

Interim Control By-law

Interim Control

The Interim Control By-law prohibits the erection of any structure, such as a boathouse, retaining wall, deck, fence, or sign in the shoreline area.

Construction on the Beach

Learn what's required for construction on a beach/shoreline.

Building on a Vacant Lot

Read Tiny's requirements for vacant lot development, including how to determine if a lot is "buildable".

Additions & Accessory Structures

Find information to assist with the process of building an addition or accessory structure (detached garage, shed or deck).


Sever land

Find resources to aid in determining if a property qualifies for severance.

Additional Dwelling Units

Check guidelines for additional dwelling units (second units) on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions