All undeveloped or vacant lots are subject to Development Charges. Development Charges are set by the County of Simcoe, the School Boards and the Municipality. All development charges are calculated and due at the time of building permit issuance. 

The following tables will help you determine what is applicable to your project.

County of Simcoe
TypeDevelopment Charge
Other Multiple Unit Residential$10,303.00
Non-Residential$54.91/square metre


School Boards (both are applicable)
TypeSimcoe County District School Board​Simcoe Muskoka Catholic School Board
Non Residential$0.45/sq. ft.$0.15/sq. ft.


TypeDevelopment Charge
Residential (Single and Semi-detached Dwelling)$8,412.00
Apartments (Bachelor, 1 Bedroom)$3,833.00
Apartments (2+ Bedroom)$5,556.00
Other Multiples$7,667.00
Wind Turbine$7,142.00
Non-Residential$6.01/sq. ft.