The purpose of the Lot Grading Plan Procedure (PDF) is to ensure that all lots in the Township be graded properly to ensure that surface water drainage is directed away from buildings and does not adversely affect the neighbouring properties including Municipal, County or Provincial roadsides or their lands. It is also important that building elevations be such that there is no risk of hydrostatic pressure acting on any building components.

When do I need a lot grading plan? 

The Township of Tiny requires that all lots in which a building permit application has been made to construct a dwelling/cottage, raise or in some cases add to an existing dwelling/cottage, raise a dwelling/cottage, in some cases add to an existing dwelling/cottage or construct an accessory building have a Lot Grading Plan.  The Chief Building Official may waive the requirement of submitting a Lot Grading Plan if a dwelling/cottage or addition is located a minimum of 30 metres from all property lines and/or an addition does not exceed 46.5 square metres in size.

In addition to the exemptions listed above, the Chief Building Official, in consultation with the Director of Public Works or designate, may waive some or all of the requirements for a Lot Grading Plan, due to lot size, location, characteristics, or the nature of the proposed construction.  It is the responsibility of the Owner/Applicant to consult with the Chief Building Official to determine if this Procedure applies to a specific construction project prior to submitting a building permit application.  A building permit application will not be accepted without a Lot Grading Plan and the Lot Grading Plan Review Checklist unless an exemption has been granted by the Chief Building Official in which case a Lot Grading Procedure Exception Acknowledgement form must be submitted.

Where should I start?

Your first step will be to retain a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.), Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.), or an Ontario Land Surveyor (O.L.S.). It is only a P. Eng., C.E.T., or O.L.S. who is qualified to prepare a Lot Grading Plan, complete the Lot Grading Plan Review Checklist and take responsibility to ensure that the Township of Tiny Lot Grading Plan Procedure has been complied with.

Do I need to hire an Ontario Land Surveyor?

In addition to retaining a P. Eng., C.E.T., an O.L.S. to complete the Lot Grading Plan an Ontario Land Surveyor is also required to be retained to complete an up-to-date survey of the property. The fundamental purpose of all surveys is to provide an accurate determination of the size and shape (dimensions) of the property, determining if any easements exist, setting property markers on the corners and reporting on the position of improvements (buildings, structures, etc.) made to the property. Under the laws of Ontario, only a licensed O.L.S. may provide this information. Even if the survey monuments are found, they may not always be set directly on property corners, and may be displaced by construction activities or other means.  It is a requirement of the Township of Tiny Lot Grading Plan Procedure that a copy of the survey used to create the Lot Grading Plan be provided with the building permit application.

What else should I be aware of?

Underside of footing Certificate Upon completion of forming the footings for a dwelling/cottage or addition, a certificate from an O.L.S., P. Eng., Architect or C.E.T. shall be submitted to the Chief Building Official confirming that the elevation(s) of the underside of footings conform to the Lot Grading Plan within a 100 mm tolerance.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all of the information submitted for a building permit is correct. The Township of Tiny can request a survey at any time during construction if there appears to be a discrepancy between the Lot Grading Plan submitted and construction on site.  Please refer to the Lot Grading Plan Procedure for specific information required.

Is there a list of local Professional Engineers of Certified Engineering Technologists?

No. However, you can search for a Professional Consulting Engineer on the Professional Engineer Ontario website (Click on the following: Directories of Practitioners/ Consulting Engineer Designation Directory). Note: Search the discipline of Civil Engineering in Barrie/Orillia/Collingwood, etc.

Is there a cost to have my lot grading plan reviewed?

No, However, a lot grading deposit in the amount of $5000 is required at the time of building permit application to ensure the Township receives a satisfactory Lot Grading Plan Certificate indicating satisfactory completion of the grading and drainage works.  This deposit is required to be paid by the Owner of the property.  The deposit is fully refundable within 3 years of the permit issuance, extensions may also be granted on an individual basis.