Interim Control By-law

On May 29, 2023 Council passed Interim Control By-law 23-044. The effect of this By-law is to prohibit the erection of any structure, fence, or sign through the duration of this by-law. This includes, but is not limited to, boathouses, retaining walls, patios, landscaping, decks, fences, walls, or shoreline alteration that are in proximity to the 178-metre contour elevation of the Georgian Bay Shoreline. Amending By-law 23-048 passed on June 7, 2023 included exemptions to By-law 23-044.

The Interim Control By-law allows the Township the opportunity to undertake a study to review its land use planning policies pertaining to the development noted above.

On April 8, 2024, Council passed By-law 24-027 to change the time period that By-law 23-044 is in effect from one year to two years. Notice of passing of By-law 24-077 under Section 38(2) of the Planning Act has been issued in accordance with the Planning Act.

If you are contemplating doing any work on the shoreline, before you get started, please email relevant information (scope of work, photographs, site plan, etc.) to to have the Township staff review the proposed work and confirm if it can proceed.

Notice of Passing of By-law Extending Interim Control By-law (PDF)

By-law 24-027 (PDF)

Notice of Special Meeting of Council - April 8, 2024 (PDF)

Interim Control By-law (PDF)

Notice of the Passing Interim Control By-law (PDF)

Public Notice (PDF)

Should you witness a violation of the Interim Control By-law and wish to file a complaint, please follow the complaints process outlined below:

  • If a violation is taking place right now, the best way to deal with your concern in a prompt manner is by contacting the Municipal Law Enforcement Department at (705) 526-4204. An officer will be dispatched to gather evidence on the issue.​
  • Otherwise, please submit complaints using the online By-Law Complaint Submission Form. Online complaints are monitored intermittently and will be addressed at our earliest opportunity.  

Dynamic Beach Hazards Study

Due to the social and environmental impacts of development on the shoreline, Council directed staff on August 31, 2022 to engage with Aqua Solutions 5 Inc. (AQS5) in an investigation of the Township’s ability to Manage Dynamic Shoreline activity.

On March 15, 2023 AQS5 presented to Council their findings (Phase 1). Council directed AQS5 and staff to proceed with Phase 2. 

For additional details please visit:

Shovel on the Beach