Current Zoning By-law

The Zoning By-law sets out the land uses permitted throughout the municipality by establishing zone categories on site specific properties. It also regulates such matters as building location (setbacks), lot coverage, building height, and parking. All development proposals must comply with the Zoning By-law requirements. As a result, you should discuss your development proposal with the Planning Department as soon as possible to either ensure that the proposal complies with the By-law or determine an appropriate course of action to address the deficiency early in the process.

Zoning By-law 06-001 Text (PDF)

Zoning By-law 06-001 Schedules A and B (PDF)
Zoning By-law 06-001 Schedule C (PDF)

The Township's Zoning By-law 06-001 is available as a searchable Interactive Zoning Map. You can determine how a property is zoned by entering an address or Tax Assessment Roll Number.


Before making an application, please contact the Township Planning Department to pre-consult and determine if you have all the information required and to answer any questions that you may have.  You may be required to complete and submit a formal Pre-consultation Application.