Beach & Shoreline Ownership

What are the different types of beach ownership in the Township of Tiny?

​The various scenarios regarding waterfront ownership rights for properties on Georgian Bay in Tiny include: 

  • ​First Nation ownership to water’s edge (i.e. Christian Island) 
  • Provincial ownership to water’s edge (i.e. Awenda Park) 
  • Township ownership to water’s edge (i.e. Township owned portions of Woodland Beach, Bluewater Beach, Jackson Park Beach, Balm Beach, Lafontaine Beach and various other municipal properties that may be signed to indicate the extent of Municipal Ownership)
  • Communal ownership to water’s edge (i.e. Rowntree Beach) 
  • Individual ownership to water’s edge
  • Unknown ownership to water’s edge

How do I determine the ownership rights for a particular beach area?

  • ​​Ask the Township if the beach is owned by the Township. The Township has made significant efforts to sign and demarcate many beaches and beach access/pathways that are Township owned.
  • If the beach is not municipally owned, you can contact the Land Registry Office in Barrie to possibly obtain further information.
  • If you are a waterfront property owner, you can retain an Ontario Land Surveyor to prepare an updated survey to determine the boundaries of the property.
  • Obtain a legal opinion from a lawyer.​

How do I determine whether a property has deeded access rights to a beach? 

​Review your deed/title information with a lawyer to obtain a legal opinion. The Township does not confirm title or easements for any deeded beach access for/from any particular private property.