Watering Bans, Restrictions & Flushing

Advisories & Outages

Water Restrictions/Bans

Water Restrictions are in effect all year long. Please see below for more detaills.


2024 Flushing Schedule 

Flushing is an important part of water main maintenance.  Over time, minerals dissolved in water will settle in the water mains.  Flushing uses a high flow of water to clean out the mains and remove sediment.  It has the added benefit of introducing freshwater into all parts of the distribution system.

Water systems in the Township of Tiny are flushed annually. 

It is recommended, if possible to bypass water softeners, water heaters, water treatment systems, etc. during flushing. Also, it is recommended to change your filters after flushing is complete. 

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource.  

We can all take steps to conserve and protect our drinking water. For more information, Visit out Water Conservation page here.