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Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen every day in our community. Fortunately, most of these emergencies can be dealt with by our local first responders which may include fire, police, emergency health services and public works.

Over the last few years, we have experienced emergencies which have affected us on a larger scale such as the Ice Storm ’98, S.A.R.S., Blackout ’03,  Influenza, and most recently the global COVID-19 pandemic.

When incidents such as those mentioned occur, the Mayor in conjunction with the Community Control Group can implement our municipality’s emergency response plan and may also declare a state of emergency.

The Community Control Group consists of municipal officials who unite to ensure that an appropriate response to an emergency is controlled and properly co-ordinated through the allocation of human and physical resources.

On occasion, a situation may occur which taxes the available resources of a municipality. In light of this, mutual aid agreements between neighbouring municipalities have been established in order to overcome any difficulties.

If the emergency grows to the point where mutual aid is not sufficient to deal with a particular situation, or if the threat to the public’s safety is compromised then assistance from the province through the Emergency Management Organization (EMO) may be requested.


The Township of Tiny Fire and Emergency Services Department is the latest to include the application What3Words in its search-and-rescue arsenal. The application utilizes location technology that uses three words to pinpoint exactly where an emergency call is coming from.

During an emergency, people can use the application or online “find me” map to confirm their precise location by zooming into the map grid. Once a user finds their location, a three-word identifier will be shown which can then be relayed to an emergency dispatcher. This allows callers to quickly identify their location, specifically when there is no address, landmarks, or if the street address is not accurate.

Download the "What3Words" Application for iPhone or Android  

Public Safety Begins at Home

In the event of an emergency or disaster, everyone should be prepared to look after themselves and their families for at least three days. For example: it may take public works personnel up to three days to clear roads after a major winter storm.

Download our emergency survival checklists (PDF) to find out what you should have in your Emergency Survival Kit.

Additional Information

The Township of Tiny municipal office has available self-help information brochures to assist you in your emergency planning.

Brochure topics:

  • Be Prepared Not Scared, Emergency Preparedness Starts With You
  • Winter Power Failures Backgrounders