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Township of Tiny

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Welcome to the Township of Tiny's website. Our picturesque Township is located in the heart of Georgian Bay and boasts some of the most beautiful trails and beaches in the region.

The Township of Tiny is an environmentally focused, diverse family of communities providing an economically sustainable and healthy lifestyle for its residents and visitors alike. Our Corporate Values encompasses operational performance excellence, building strong and vibrant communities, growing our local economy, respect for our rural environment, responsible and responsive government and improving technology for our residents.

Our permanent population is approximately 11,500, but as a popular destination for tourism and cottagers, we see our population more than double over the summer months.

We are home to the Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area; Ontario's first provincially owned and managed wetland. It offers visitors year-round use of 600 hectares of marsh and 300 hectares of field and forest. Residents and visitors can also take advantage of Awenda Provincial Park, set on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, for camping, hiking, and cross-country skiing.  

Please take a moment to view our website to learn more about our community, the services we provide and our recreational opportunities.

Mayor George Cornell


Corporate Values & Strategy Goal Areas

Our Vision

An environmentally focused diverse family of communities providing an economically sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

A committed team providing extraordinary municipal services.

Corporate Values

Operational Performance Excellence

We are committed to providing services that are affordable to our ratepayers while protecting future generations from the burden of debts and deficits. We are committed to delivering efficient and extraordinary municipal services including the ability to manage and mitigate both man-made and natural emergencies.

Building Strong & Vibrant Communities

We are committed to supporting our diverse communities and to make decisions that are in the best interests of all Township residents. As our Township grows we will work hard to provide a safe and accessible community with recreational opportunities for all.

Growing Our Local Economy

We are committed to healthy economic growth and to supporting our strong local economy.

Respect for Rural Environment

We will ensure that growth across the Township is sustainable and in keeping with existing rural character and charm. We will address legacy issues that threaten our environmental health.

Responsible and Responsive Government

We are committed to finding collaborative and creative solutions. We will operate in an honest and transparent manner to offer equitable services to all of our clients. We will work hard to engage our community members and strengthen our partnerships with others.


We are committed to improving technology for our clients through collaboration with our municipal partners and exploring opportunities for expanded service.

Strategic Goal Areas

Deliver Efficient & Exceptional Municipal Services: Manage our municipal assets to offer better (more efficient, more effective) services to our clients.  Demonstrate good governance and value for the tax dollar.

Build Prosperity through economic growth and development. Attracting new business and expanding existing businesses.

Healthy Environment & Sustainable Community Planning. As the Township grows we will protect our environment which is the foundation for healthy communities and a healthy population.

Support Community Health, Safety & Well-Being. Promote wellness and active lifestyles.  Improve access to healthcare services and improve connectivity across the Township. Build well-planned Communities that are healthy, diverse and safe.

Community Engagement. Promote a better connected and more engaged community.  Keep our citizens engaged by promoting open, inclusive decision making and governance.  

Township Quick Facts

Geographic Area:

The Township of Tiny is part of Simcoe County in south-central Ontario and can be found in the Southern Georgian Bay region.  It is the most northerly township of Simcoe County and occupies most of the Penetanguishene peninsula.  

The Township has a total area of 344 square kilometers and has a coastline on Georgian Bay measuring 70 kilometers.  The southern boundary, about 16 kilometers long, abuts the Springwater Township and the northern tip of the Town of Wasaga Beach.  The eastern boundary, 17 kilometers long, marks the western boundary of Tay Township.  The Township skirts the municipalities of Midland and Penetanguishene and embraces the coastline in a sweep around the peninsula.

The Township of Tiny includes the following communities/hamlets:

  • Lafontaine
  • Perkinsfield
  • Wyevale
  • Wyebridge
  • Toanche

In addition to the mainland and Giant’s Tomb Island, the Township also has three First Nations Islands; Christian, Hope, and Beckwith.  Christian Island is home to the Chippewa people of the Beausoleil First Nation and is a self governing body.  The Beausoleil First Nation also owns an 8 hectare shoreline property on the mainland, specifically in the Cedar Point area, which accommodates private dwellings for individuals who wish to live on the main land.  It is also used for the ferry service to and from Christian Island.  

The Township of Tiny is surrounded by the following municipalities:

  • Town of Midland
  • Town of Penetanguishene
  • Township of Tay
  • Township of Springwater


According to the 2006 Population and Dwelling Counts from Statistics Canada:

  • Permanent Population = 11,232
  • Private Dwellings = 9,056 (Permanent/4,323 and Seasonal/4,733)

In the summer months, the Township’s population doubles to approximately 27,000.

For more Statistics Canada information as it relates to the Township, please follow the link below:

Statistics Canada - Township of Tiny

Historical Information:

How Tiny Got its Name

The Township was named, in 1822, after a pet dog of Lady Sarah Maitland (1792-1873), wife of Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Two other adjoining townships were also named for her pet dogs, Tay and Flos (now Springwater Township).

Incorporation Date

The Corporation of the Township of Tiny and Tay was created by the Parliament of Canada under the Baldwin Act of 1850.  In 1868, Simcoe County passed a by-law that separated the United Townships into the Township of Tiny and the Township of Tay.

The history of Tiny Township reflects its three founding cultures: Native, French and British. Located within Wendake, the historical homeland of the Huron people, the region is closely tied to early missionary exploration of the region, including the Jesuit mission of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in nearby Midland.

In 1798, the British government purchased the land in the area and soon after established a naval base in Penetanguishene. By the mid 1800s, families from Quebec began moving to the Tiny Township area for the cheap and fertile land to farm. 

Today, the Tiny Township area is still very much a bilingual (French and English) area of Ontario, and is one of 25 municipalities in Ontario designated for bilingual government services under the French Language Services Act.


430 kms. of roads within the Township are maintained by the municipality.

40 kms. of roads (sections of County Road 6, 25, 26 and 29) are maintained by the County of Simcoe.

Water System:

There are 19 water systems in the Township of Tiny.   The water systems are supplied by 43 drilled wells and 25 pump stations where the raw water is treated with chlorine and pumped into the distribution system. 


Township Beaches

The Township of Tiny has 70 km of shoreline. In the Township's Official Plan, a total of five parks have been recognized as large water township parks. It is also a policy of the Official Plan that these five parks function as the primary locations for public use and activity on the western shoreline. These large water parks are Woodland Beach, Bluewater Beach, Jackson Park, Balm Beach and Lafontaine Beach Park.

Tiny Trail

The Tiny Trail is a 23 kilometre recreation trail.  It was one of Ontario’s first rail-to-trail conversions when it was purchased in 1978.  It is registered as part of the Trans Canada Trail System.  The trail passes over prime agricultural land and into areas of hardwood forest.  The Wye Rive and Copeland Creek meander across the rail, requiring eleven trail bridges which were constructed utilizing funds from the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program.  There are 14 historic bridges on the Tiny Trail, 11 of which are located between its northern entrance and Concession 12 E.  This section of the trail is paved.  The remaining trail is surfaced with crushed stone.

Tiny Marsh

The Tiny Marsh is Ontario’s first provincially owned and managed wetland.  It is one of approximately 1,200 Important Bird Areas (IBA) recognized in Canada.  It offers visitors year-round use of approximately 600 hectares (1,482 acres) of marsh and 300 hectares (741 acres) of field and forest.  There is an interpretive centre with displays and a theatre open to the public during spring and summer (and all year to groups by appointment).  It features a companion self-use trail guide, two observation towers, a marsh viewing mound, a wildlife blind and a boardwalk.  The MTM Conservation Association is a non-profit organization responsible for the management of the Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area.

Awenda Provincial Park

Awenda Provincial Park is located in a beautiful setting on the shores of Georgian Bay across the bay from Georgian Bay National Park.  The park is mostly hardwood or mixed forest, with areas of fen and bogs along with the fields remaining from earlier farms and homesteads.  You'll find several good hiking trails along with beautiful natural beaches alternating with rugged rock strewn shores.  Above the beaches is a 35m bluff which is accessible from the trail system.  This is a great campers’ park, with lots of shaded sites and all the amenities. 

Simcoe County Forest

The Township has within its borders approximately 1,385.27 hectares (3,422 acres) of Simcoe County forest.  The County forests were originally established to rehabilitate damaged land.  With increased population and public need for forests, the role of the County forests has changed.  The purposes of the County Forests, past and present include:

  • Restore waste lands and abandoned farm lands to productive use
  • Prevent soil erosion and restore and conserve water resources
  • Manage forests in a scientific manner to produce the best growth for forest products
  • Preserve, conserve and improve wildlife habitat
  • Provide educational opportunities and encourage scientific research
  • Make the forests available for public recreation
  • Encourage private landowners in their reforestation efforts
  • Support the County’s natural heritage and greenlands policy

First Blue Community in Ontario

The Township of Tiny is honoured to be recognized as the first Blue Community in Ontario and the third in all of Canada.  In order to become a Blue Community, a municipality must recognize water as a human right, ban the sale of bottled water in civic spaces and support the public ownership of water utilities.

Your Municipal Council has acted on these principles by contacting both the Federal and Provincial governments, urging them to advocate that the right to potable water be enshrined in international law.  The municipality will no longer sell single-use bottled water in its facilities or provide it at municipal meetings where access to municipal tap water is available.  The municipality will continue to own and operate, to the highest standards, our own water supply systems.

The Blue Communities Project is an initiative of the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, and, in Quebec, the Eau Secours. For more information about this program, follow the link below entitled Blue Communities:

Blue Communities

The Township of Tiny's resolutions on this matter can be seen by following the link below:

Blue Community Resolutions