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Township of Tiny

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How to Search for a By-law

Listed below are several ways to search for a by-law you are looking for on the Township's website. Once you click on the By-law link below, you can do one of the following:

Click on the folder of a particular year, if you know which year the By-law was enacted. For example: Clean Yards By-law is #13-032, this means that it was the 32nd By-law passed in 2013.

If you do not know the year, you can put a keyword in the search menu at the top right of the page on the By-law page. Note: It is recommended that you use asterisks'(*) (this is considered a wildcard) before and after the keyword to enhance the searching capabilities and to type your keyword in lower case.

You can also click on the Advanced link located beside the search function to refine your search. This allows you to type more keywords, add timelines and provide more information through various drop down menus provided.

Click on this BY-LAW LINK to open the By-law page to search and view the full By-law(s) you are looking for.

Below is a list of the most frequently requested By-laws for your convenience.

​Animals ​05-101
​Burning By-Law
​Business Licensing06-102
​Cawaja Beach
​Clean Yards13-032 
​Development Charges By-Law15-036
​Discharge of Firearms08-073
​Dogs By-law
02-115 ​03-070
​Dog Park By-law
​Dumping/Littering on Private & Township Property96-113
​Dumping Snow on Roadway1458 ​82-29
​Encroachments ​05-099
​Entrances (Driveways)17-055
​O.P.P. False Alarm Policy11-044
​Fill Control By-Law
​Fireworks ​07-05412-057
​Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides ​03-062
​Noise ​11-06512-056
​Parking09-025​10-018, 12-025, 12-055, 16-026, 16-041, 16-046, 17-034
​Power of Entry onto Land07-082 ​12-058
​Property Standards
​Racing Motor Vehicles ​6-74
​Sale of Land17-016
​Signs 02-07309-052, 12-010, 12-059
​Swimming Pools (fences) ​96-111
​Tax Rate
​Tiny Trails 03-05314-042, 14-076, 15-009
​Topsoil Removal ​07-03612-060
​​Township Building By-Law​15-095
​Water Provisions & Regulations06-031
​Zoning06-001​as amended