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​Mayor and Council


Pictured L-R Top Row: Councillor Gibb Wishart, C.A.O. Doug Luker, Councillor Richard Hinton
Pictured L-R Bottom Row:  Deputy Mayor Steffen Walma, Mayor George Cornell, Councillor Cindy Hastings
The Township of Tiny is governed by a five-member elected Council.  Council is comprised of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three Councillors who are elected at large by the whole Township. 


Contact information for Mayor Cornell and Members of Council is listed below:

Mailing Address:
Township of Tiny
130 Balm Beach Road West
Tiny, ON  L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-526-4204
Fax: 705-526-2372
Toll Free: 1-866-939-TINY (8469)
TTY (Teletypewriter): 705-526-4205, Ext. 301

George Cornell, Mayor

Email: Mayor George Cornell

Steffen Walma, Deputy Mayor
Email: Deputy Mayor Steffen Walma

Cindy Hastings, Councillor
Email: Councillor Cindy Hastings

Richard Hinton, Councillor
Email: Councillor Richard Hinton

Gibb Wishart, Councillor
Email: Councillor Gibb Wishart

To reach the Mayor and Members of Council collectively, please use the email link below:

In addition to the Township Committee of the Whole and Council meetings, other meetings are attended by members of Council such as, but not limited to:

Committee of Adjustment (Councillor Hastings)
Accessibility Advisory Committee (Deputy Mayor Walma)
Community Policing Committee (Councillor Hinton)
Community Recreation Advisory Committee (Councillor Hastings)
Heritage Advisory Committee (Councillor Hinton)
Septage Class EA Project Advisory Committee (Councillor Wishart and Councillor Hastings)
Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe (Mayor Cornell)
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative (Councillor Wishart)
Huronia Airport Commission (Councillor Wishart)
Lafontaine Beach Park Master Plan Advisory Committee (Councillor Hinton)
North Simcoe Heads of Council (Mayor Cornell and Deputy Mayor Walma)
North Simcoe Housing Committee (Deputy Mayor Walma)
Senior Advisory Committee (Councillor Wishart)
Severn Sound Environmental Association (Deputy Mayor Walma)
Southern Georgian Bay Physician Recruitment Steering Committee (Mayor Cornell)
Wyevale Master Plan Steering Committee (Councillor Hastings)

In addition to the above committees and meetings, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are appointed to the County of Simcoe as County Councillors, with other Heads of Council from 16 municipalities that comprise the County of Simcoe.  Further, Mayor Cornell is appointed as the Business Section Vice Chair of County Corporate Services with Deputy Mayor Walma appointed as the Business Section Vice Chair of County Human Services.

How Does the Township Council Govern?

At Council Meetings, the Mayor and Members of Council discuss and act on matters of importance to the municipality and its residents. The powers of Council are exercised by either by-law or resolution. A resolution is an expression of the decision or wishes of Council which has been submitted in the form of a motion and has been adopted by majority vote.

In more important matters and where the action to be taken will affect the general public, the powers of Council are exercised by by-law. By-laws are laws that are in effect only within the boundaries of the municipality. While a municipality may pass by-laws on many matters, the provincial government places limits on the actions a municipality may take. A municipality may pass by-laws only on matters that the province has given it authority to do.

Council of the Township of Tiny passes Confirmatory By-laws at the end of each meeting confirming all proceedings of Council including resolutions and directions.

Corporate Accountability and Transparency Policy

Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings

Council meets twice a month in the Township Council Chambers.  The meetings are typically held on the second and last Mondays of every month. In the event that the meeting falls on a holiday Monday, the meeting is generally scheduled to the Tuesday of that week. 

Regular Committee of the Whole Meeting, 9:00 a.m., Council Chambers

Regular Meeting of Council,  6:00 p.m., Council Chambers

The first Council meetings of the month will be consolidated so that the Council Meeting will be held immediately after the Committee of the Whole Meeting. To see all Council Meeting dates, click the link below entitled "2018 Council Meeting Schedule":

2018 Council Meeting Schedule

All Council meetings are live streamed. Please follow the link below entitled "Council Meetings Live Stream":

Council Meetings Live Stream

Correspondence to Council

Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and/or Members of Council will be distributed directly to them.  

Please Note: Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and/or Members of Council will not be included on a Council agenda unless the writer specifically requests inclusion on a public agenda.  

Correspondence for a Council agenda must be received by 12 noon on the Tuesday prior to a scheduled Regular Committee of the Whole/Council meeting.  The Regular Committee of the Whole/Council meeting agendas are published on the Internet.  When communicating with the Township, be aware that your comments together with your name and address may be included on the Council and Committee agenda and may subsequently appear on the Internet.

With the passing of Procedure By-law 16-044, Council also approved a new format for its Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings.  The schedule of meetings will remain the same, but the recommendations from the Committee of the Whole will now be approved at the Council meeting held two weeks later.  This is a departure from the past practice of approving recommendations from the Committee of the Whole at the Council meeting held on the same day/evening. 

This new format will provide Council an opportunity to reflect on recommendations prior to the approval of same and also provide for a more democratic system, allowing for increased public input.  This will have an impact on lead times and the public is asked to keep this in mind when submitting correspondence for a Committee of the Whole or Council agenda or requesting deputations to Council on time sensitive matters. 

The Chief Administrative Officer reserves the right to withhold any correspondence from the agenda.

Mailing Address:
Mayor and Members of Council
Township of Tiny
c/o C.A.O.
130 Balm Beach Road West
Tiny, ON  L0L 2J0

Please contact the Clerk's Department at 705-526-4204 if you have any questions about the Council meetings or correspondence to Council.

Closed Meeting Investigation

If required, Council may meet in closed session without the public in attendance for the following matters:

1. The security of the property of the municipality;
2. Personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal employees;
3. A proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality;
4. Labour relations or employee negotiations;
5. Litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality;
6. Advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;
7. Education and training purposes;
8. A matter in respect of which Council may hold a closed meeting under another Act;
9. Ongoing investigation respecting the municipality, local board or a municipally-controlled corporation by the Ombudsman of Ontario, a locally-appointed Ombudsman, or an appointed closed meeting investigator.

The Township has appointed the Ontario Ombudsman to investigate complaints about closed municipal meetings.  Should you have a concern about a closed meeting of the Township, you are encouraged to confidentially speak with the Township Clerk to address your concerns.  However, you may file a complaint directly with the Ombudsman's Office.

Ontario Ombudsman Office
Phone: 1-800-263-1830
Fax: 416-586-3485
TTY (Teletypewriter): 1-866-411-4211

Township Clerk
Phone: 705-526-4204, Ext. 225
Fax: 705-526-2372
TTY (Teletypewriter): 705-526-4205, Ext. 301 

Town Hall Meetings

Saturday, May 26, 2018, Tiny Township Community Centre - 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon

May 26, 2018 Town Hall Poster

Please follow the links below for information regarding Town Hall meetings and the Terms of Reference/Guidelines:

Press Release - Town Hall Meetings 

Town Hall Meeting - Terms of Reference and Guidelines

Council would like to thank all residents who attended the Town Hall meetings held in 2017.  Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Saturday, May 27, 2017, Wyebridge Community Centre - 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Council updates included the Wyevale Soccer Pitches, Canada 150 Events, National Health & Fitness Day, 2017 Parking Strategy, and Local Aging Plan. Information tables included various Committees of Council, Fire & Emergency Services, Severn Sound Environmental Association and local Public Libraries.

May 27, 2017 Town Hall Poster 

Town Hall Meeting Follow-up Report to Council

Thursday, September 14, 2017, Tiny Township Community Centre - 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Council updates included the Strategic Plan Report Card, Official Plan, the Recreation Master Plan and more.

September 14, 2017 Town Hall Poster

Town Hall Meeting Follow-up Report to Council