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To access our Township staff directory, please click on the link below entitled Contact Us.

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By-law Enforcement

The By-law Department enforces the by-laws approved by the Township of Tiny Council, such as Noise, Dog Licensing, Kennel licences, Business licences, Permit parking, Fire permits, Clean yards, Raffle/Nevada/Bingo licences, Dog tags etc. 

The By-law Department consists of two (2) Full Time Permanent By-law Enforcement Officers. During the summer, the Township of Tiny recruits students to assist in enforcement of By-laws.

CAO's Office

Role of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
The CAO assists Council in their decision making by ensuring that the necessary information and policies have been provided to them.   As well, the CAO must oversee the implementation of Council decisions.  The CAO acts as a liaison between staff and elected officials, and provides direction on the day-to-day management and administrative operations within the organization.
An important function of the CAO is to coordinate municipal operations.  Six Managers report to this individual.   Therefore, the issues are broad and range from recreational activities to emergency services and public safety.

Other key functions of the CAO are human resource management, including contract negotiation, recruitment and policy development as well as the coordination of legal administration.

Clerk's Department

The Clerk's Department is responsible for the smooth operation of Council activities and proceedings, the provision of advice and guidance on rules of procedures and provincial legislation, the issuing of marriage licences, the safekeeping of all the official records of the municipality and processing of requests for access to information. The Clerk's Department also plays an important role in organizing the municipal election every four years, and ensuring that proper procedures are followed by candidates and election staff.

The Clerk's Department oversees the statutory obligations of the Municipal Act and is the direct support for Tiny Council in the preparation of their Agenda and follow-up on all actions of Council at their regular meetings.


  • Preparation and safekeeping of the Township's Municipal By-laws

  • Issuance of Marriage Licences

  • Registration of Births and Deaths

  • Conduct the Municipal Elections every 4 years

  • Coordination of Committee Appointments

  • Preparation of Council and Committee Agenda and Minutes

  • Freedom of Information Requests

  • Corporate Communications (press releases, social media, newsletter and community page)


Election Overview
The Clerk serves as Returning Officer under the Municipal Elections Act and is responsible for conducting municipal elections once every four years in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act.  This involves preparation of voters' lists, receiving nominations of candidates running for office, preparation of Vote By Mail voting, selection and staffing of polling stations for election day and tabulation and distribution of election results.

Commissioner of Oath
How to obtain a Commissioner of Oaths Signature:
The person(s) swearing the affidavit must appear before the Commissioner and will need to produce identification (preference being photo identification such as a Driver's License) and a Fee of $10.00.  It is recommended that you contact the Township of Tiny at (705) 526-4204 to arrange an appointment.

Correspondence to Council and Release of Personal Information
Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and/or Members of Council will be distributed directly to them. 

Correspondence addressed to the Mayor and/or Members of Council will not be included on the Council agenda unless the writer specifically requests inclusion on a public agenda (Regular Committee of the Whole/Regular Council Meeting).

Correspondence must be received by 12 noon on the Tuesday prior to a scheduled Regular Committee of the Whole/Regular Council Meeting for inclusion on the agenda.
The Regular Committee of the Whole/Regular Council meeting agendas are published on the Internet.  When communicating with the Township, be aware that your comments together with your name and address may be included on the Council and Committee agenda and may subsequently appear on the Internet.

The CAO/Clerk reserves the right to withhold any correspondence from the agenda.
Deputation Process - How do I register for a Deputation to Council?

In order to appear on the Regular Committee of the Whole or Regular Meeting of Council agenda, an individual must complete the Deputation Request Form as provided through the link below: 

Deputation Request Form

Deputation Request forms and all pertinent documentation must be received no later than 12 noon the Tuesday prior to the upcoming Council meeting or 4 days prior to the Council meeting in the event it is not held on a Monday, to appear at that meeting.  Please review the requirements and guidelines included in the Delegation Request Form for complete details.

Open Deputations to Council:

Twenty (20) minutes of each Regular Committee of the Whole and Regular Meeting of Council will be set aside for individuals wishing to address Council on any item on the currentagenda.  Deputations are limited to 5 minutes. Powerpoint presentations are not permitted for open deputations and the individual is responsible for providing 10 copies of any handouts. The Township will not be responsible for duplicating presentation materials for open deptuations.  

Please follow the link below for the complete requirements and guidelines for Open Deputations to Council:

Deputations - Open (Requirements and Guidelines)

For further information or to register for a deputation, please contact the Clerk's Department at 705-526-4204. 

Marriage Commissioner

The Township of Tiny has appointed a marriage commissioner to perform non-denominational marriage ceremonies.  If you wish to take advantage of this service, please contact the Clerk's Department at 705-526-4204.  Couples seeking a religious official to perform their marriage should refer to the ServiceOntario webpage "Getting Married."  This webpage contains a current list of religious officials authorized to perform legal marriages in Ontario as well as other helpful information for couples.  The link for this site is provided below and is entitled Getting Married:

Getting Married

Financial Services

The Financial Services Department is responsible for providing financial reporting, policies and procedures, services and support to other departments and external entities in order to ensure the Township's operations are effectively managed. We provide advice on financial matters to the Mayor and Council and Township staff. Major responsibilities include:

  • Providing information, reports and analysis to Council, the Public and Township Departments regarding financial operations
  • Establishing, developing and maintaining accounting systems and procedures relating to financial activities for Township operations
  • Billing and collecting municipal taxes and water & sewer charges
  • Preparing the City's operating and capital budgets
  • Processing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Maintaining corporate procurement and purchasing by-law
  • Managing cash, investments and borrowing of funds
  • Preparing Township's annual financial statements

The Council of Tiny Township has recently implemented a new policy for providing financial support to non-profit organizations and programs annually. Please click the link below entitled "Annual Community Contribution Funding Policy" to view the policy.

Annual Community Contribution Funding Policy

Fire and Emergency Services

Our Mission Statement: - To Serve the citizens of the Township of Tiny, protecting life and property from fire, hazards, and other emergencies through, accredited emergency response training, aggressive public education and enforcement.

The Township of Tiny Fire Department has grown significantly since its inception in 1960. Operating out of five (5) fire stations, its complement of 93 committed volunteers provides a broad range of both emergency and non-emergency services.

The department is currently comprised of a Fire Chief, two (2) Deputy Fire Chiefs, two (2) District Chiefs, five (5) Station Captains, eleven (11) Lieutenants, a Mechanical Officer, a Public Education Officer, two (2) Training Officers, an Administrative Assistant and approximately seventy-one (71) Firefighters.

The department responds to approximately 300 emergency calls each year and operates 5 Pumpers, 5 Tankers, 2 Rescue Units, 3 Utility vehicles and a Gator.

Want To Know More About ​Fire Emergency?​

Planning & Development


The Planning Department is responsible for formulating policies and regulations as they relate to land use in the Township of Tiny and all land use planning functions, including the maintenance and upkeep of the Township's Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law. The Department processes all planning applications as it relates to the development of properties in the Township and also provides general information to the public in response to telephone, counter and written inquiries.


The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and processing applications for Building Permits including the examination of plans. The Department undertakes field inspections of construction projects including enforcement action, as required, to gain compliance. The Department also provides information to the public in response to telephone, counter and written inquiries.

Public Works Services

​The principal areas of service include water/culvert/storm sewer information, flooding, road signs and street lights, sidewalks, snow removal, street paving, traffic, application for street work permits and fallen trees.


The Recreation Department is committed to improving the quality of life and well-being of the Township of Tiny citizens through recreation.  It provides optimum access to a wide variety of recreation pursuits to meet the needs of all residents.  The Recreation Department in partnership with Parks and dynamic volunteer groups and organizations work together to provide parks, recreation and leisure time facilities, programs and services that strengthen, support and maintain a healthy family of communities. 

More about Recreation