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Roads Operations

​The Township of Tiny strives to maintain roads, bridges and sidewalks to a high standard while remaining financially responsible to our ratepayers.

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Adopt-A-Road Program

The Adopt-a-Road program is a public service program for volunteers to enhance local litter collection activities by picking litter along Township roads.

It is a way for environmentally conscious groups and individuals to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Township road system.

Click on the link on the left bar entitled Adopt a Road Program for more information.

Construction Projects

​Each year the Township of Tiny resurfaces a selection of roadways using a priority-based 10 year plan and available financial resources.  This plan - the "Roads Needs Study" is updated every five years and is based on current road conditions.

To view the current road construction projects, click the link on the left side of this page entitled "Road Construction Projects Map".

Construction Zone Safety

When driving through construction projects, consider your safety and the safety of our workers.  Keep your speed within posted limits.  Allow room around workers and flag signalers.  Obey all directions and signs at the site.  Fines for speeding in construction zones are doubled when workers are present.

Half-Load Restrictions

In accordance with Township of Tiny By-law 07-031 as amended by By-Law 10-006 and Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act:

Reduced load restrictions will be in effect from March 1st to April 30th inclusive, and may be extended into May at the Township’s discretion. 

While the reduced load restrictions are in effect, no commercial vehicle or trailer may be operated or drawn upon any road within the Township of Tiny where the weight per axle exceeds 5,000 kg.

Road Maintenance

Roads are maintained to meet or exceed Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.  This regulation was made under the Municipal Act to create a consistent maintenance standard for all Municipalities in Ontario.  

The regulation recognizes that heavily travelled roads where vehicles travel at high speed require better conditions than lightly travelled roads where vehicles travel at lower speeds.  They have created a road classification system to set the standards for each type of road.  The Township of Tiny currently has only class 3 to 6 roads with major roads such as Angela Schmidt-Foster Road being a class 3, and most subdivision roads being a class 5.

To report a dangerous road condition, please call the main office at: (705) 526-4204 or Toll free 1-866-939-TINY (8469) TTY Telephone Service is available by calling (705) 526-4205 ext 301.

Dust Control

Gravel roads create an undesirable level of dust during the summer months.  Calcium chloride is used to control the amount of dust caused by the movement of traffic on the dry roads. 

Dust control is very costly and has a slight environmental impact on the surrounding area.   For these reasons, the dust control is only applied once per year in late June.  This allows the wet spring conditions to provide a natural dust control for as long as possible.  In the drier, hotter months the applied dust control will provide more effective treatment.

As funds become available, gravel roads throughout the Township are being hard surfaced to eliminate the need for dust control measures.  Please see the section “Construction Projects” to find out which roads are next in line for surfacing.  This is a long-term project that will continue for many years into the future.


Potholes, bumps, cracks and other road defects are particularly troublesome in the spring and during mild winter weather, due to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.  Motorists are advised to use extra caution at these times.

Regular road maintenance provides a smooth safe driving surface and protects the road from further degradation.  Road conditions throughout the Township are regularly inspected and repairs are made in a timely manner. 


Gravel roads develop potholes and “washboard” conditions over time.  These conditions can impair proper drainage and cause poor driving conditions. 

A grader is used several times a year in these areas to restore the surface condition of the road.


Ditching is completed to upkeep drainage systems and to prevent water from ponding onto roads and to keep road bases dry.  Water that ponds on the road causes the road to deteriorate more quickly than normal resulting in costly repairs or resurfacing.  Ditching is completed each year on a priority basis.

Some ditches are dry for most if not all of the year while others are regularly filled with water.  Standing water in ditches occurs where there is a high ground water table, usually in low lying areas.  These areas are difficult to drain and maintain.

Please click the links below entitled "PW-21 - Ditching Policy" and "PW-21 - Ditching Policy Diagram" to find out more about the Township of Tiny's responsibilities for the maintenance of drainage ditches and culverts.

PW-21 - Ditching Policy

PW-21 - Ditching Policy Diagram


Streetlights are installed in major intersections and in all subdivisions constructed since 1990 throughout the Township of Tiny.  Some streetlights have also been installed in sharp bends when required to improve road safety.

Occasionally, a streetlight will malfunction causing the light to fail or to stay on at all times.  When a streetlight is not operating properly, the Township will contact a qualified professional to repair the light. 

To report a malfunctioning streetlight, please call the main office at: (705) 526-4204 or Toll free 1-866-939-TINY (8469) TTY Telephone Service is available by calling (705) 526-4205 ext 301.

PW-023 - Street Light Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a policy and method to address requests for the installation of new Street Lights within the Township of Tiny.