Boil Water Advisory for Georgian Bay Estates Drinking Water System

Public Notices

Please be advised that the Georgian Bay Estates Drinking Water System will be under a precautionary “Boil Water Advisory” immediately due to an emergency breakdown. The Township is working to have this repaired as quickly as possible. Once the repair is finished residents will need to boil their water until a sample has been taken and the results collected. If residents are experiencing discolored water it is recommended to flush the taps (preferably outside or a laundry sink) for 15 minutes. This should clear up any discoloration.

A boil water advisory means the water should not be used for drinking, making infant formula and juices, cooking, making ice, washing fruit or vegetables, or brushing teeth. For these purposes, boiled water should be used. Before using water subject to a boil water advisory, the water should be brought to a rapid rolling boil for a minimum of one minute before using.

The Township will hand deliver notices to affected residents regarding the lifting of this advisory. The Township apologizes for any inconvenience and thanks you in advance for your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the water department at the number listed below or visit

Affected properties include

  • #2099 to #2473 on Champlain Road
  • #1585 Concession 20 East
  • All of Hiawatha road
  • All of Tonawanda Road
  • All of Wigwam Trail
  • All of Chippewa Crescent
  • All of Coppercliff Crescent
  • All of Iroquois Crescent
  • All of Couchiching Crescent
  • All of Manitou Crescent
  • All of Seguin Crescent
  • All of Tomahawk Crescent
  • All of Seneca Crescent