New Zoning By-law

Council will consider the approval of the New Tiny Zoning By-law 22-075 at the October 12, 2022 Council Meeting.

Council Gavel

Project Progress

See how your property is zoned under the New Zoning By-law using the New Interactive Zoning Map​:

New Interactive Zoning Map​

What is a Zoning By-law? 

The Zoning By-law is the Township’s primary tool to regulate the use of land in the municipality. The Zoning By-law divides all land in the Township into various zone categories (e.g., residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial) and establishes what uses are permitted and identifies standards to direct the location, massing and height of buildings and structures on a lot.  The New Tiny Zoning By-law must, in accordance with the Planning Act, conform to the Township’s new Official Plan.

For a more a more detailed explanation, and answers to other commonly asked questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

New Tiny Zoning By-law

The Township has retained MHBC Planning, a planning consulting firm, to undertake this Project.  MHBC Planning is the same firm who lead the new Tiny Official Plan project.  MHBC and the Township Planning & Development Department will be working to prepare a New Tiny Zoning By-law over the next 9 months (estimated timeline).

The first phase of this project is to undertake a detailed review of the new Tiny Official Plan and the existing Zoning By-law and identify directions, options, and issues for the preparation of the New Tiny Zoning By-law. 

The New Tiny Zoning By-law project provides a number of ways and opportunities for residents, business owners, and associations to participate in the process:

  • An online survey will be conducted early in the process to seek input and comments on the issues and directions identified in the background review.  
  • Two Public Information Sessions/Open Houses will be held in order to provide feedback on the development of the New Tiny Zoning By-law. 
  • A Public Meeting will be held, which is a statutory requirement in accordance with the Planning Act, prior to the finalization of the New Tiny Zoning By-law and its approval by Council. 
  • It is noted that the Public Information Sessions/Open Houses and Public Meeting are planned to be held virtually during the pandemic, however if the rules change, then so will the way the meetings are held.

Ways to Stay Informed

The Township will be posting all updates including the Project Work Plan, Project Reports, upcoming events  and drafts of the New Tiny Zoning By-law to this page.  You are encouraged to review the documents as they are produced and provide written comments at anytime in the process to

Meeting dates and details will be advertised in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act, communicated via Tiny Connect, posted on the Township website and the Township’s social media platforms.  If you would like to be notified through the life of project, please register for Tiny Connect and include in your preferences “New Tiny Zoning By-law”.  If you are already registered with Tiny Connect, please login and update your preferences to include “New Tiny Zoning By-law” by visiting​.


Any questions/comments regarding the New Tiny Zoning By-law project can be made to the project email address:​