Man's hand planting seeds in the soil

Earth Week: Planet vs. Plastics

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This year, we rally behind the theme of "Planet vs. Plastics," a worldwide initiative calling upon individuals, businesses, and organizations to join forces in a steadfast commitment to champion the cause of human and planetary health by advocating for the eradication of plastics. This year’s theme calls for a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040, with a visionary aim of crafting a plastic-free future for the prosperity of future generations. (Source: EARTHDAY.ORG).

What's Happening this Earth Week

All week, we’re giving away reusable straws and produce bags. We are also providing free seed packets to help our community attract pollinators, hosting a book swap library and accepting e-Waste (electronic waste). Visit the Township Office at 130 Balm Beach Road West, Tiny to participate.

What else is Tiny doing for the Environment?

When we invest in our planet together, we are supporting healthy, happy, and wealthy communities worldwide. The Township of Tiny is committed to a healthy, sustainable environment and is actively working towards investing in our planet. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can also contribute to an eco-friendly Tiny.