Heritage Publications

The Heritage Advisory Committee has created the following publications, which​ allow residents and visitors to bring a Tiny piece of​​ history home with them. There is brief information about each publication below.

The heritage publications are available for purchase at the Township of Tiny municipal office, located at 130 Balm Beach Road West. 

Our Publications 
Recollections heritage publication cover

Recollections: Township of Tiny

A compilation of photographs, facts, and personal accounts narrating the heritage and history of the Township of Tiny. 

This publication is also available in French, and includes a copy of The Natural History of the Township of Tiny. 

Natural History of the Township of Tiny publication cover

The Natural History of the Township of Tiny

A detailed perspective of the evolution of the Township of Tiny, discussing scientific and geographical theories, population trends, current growth patterns, and potential future environmental crises. 

North Simcoe Railway publication cover

The North Simcoe Railway

A history of the North Simcoe Railway, including details of construction, the routes travelled, memorable accidents, and more. 

postcard with a black and white photo of a train

Memories of Tiny Post Cards

​Share a piece of Tiny's history with a friend or loved one. These postcards feature photographs of the Township of Tiny and interesting facts.