Historical Points of Interest

Browse the map below to view the various historical points of interest within the Township. Selecting a point identifies it and provides a thumbnail photograph, which when clicked, opens a separate document containing the relevant historical information. Click the arrow on the top left of the map to view the legend.​​​ 

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Théophile Brunelle Homestead

Théophile Brunelle (1846 – 1924), was considered a hero in the township for his role in the legend of the wolf of Lafontaine. His homestead was built in 1870 at the end of Concession 17 in the Township of Tiny on 420 acres at the top of Nippissing Ridge. The Brunelle’s were married in 1867 and raised a family of 12 at this location.  The Homestead included livestock, pigs, chickens, and partridges. They also tended an orchard, a vegetable garden, and potato fields. For further information, please visit our Théophile Brunelle Homestead webpage.

Théophile Brunelle Homestead


Museum Town - Huronia Museum

In conjunction with local municipalities, the Huronia Museum has developed a walking/driving tour of some of the area's Heritage Sites. Three locations within the Township of Tiny are featured as part of Museum Town:

  • St. Patrick's Church
  • Église Sainte-Croix
  • SoHomey Lodge and Balm Beach

For further information, please visit the Museum Town webpage.