Municipal Heritage Register

Identifying properties of cultural heritage significance is important to the Township of Tiny and its Heritage Advisory Committee.

Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act requires every municipality to keep a publicly accessible Municipal Heritage Register which lists properties of cultural heritage value or interest. A Municipal Heritage Register allows for the promotion, protection and preservation of a municipality's rich heritage. The Township of Tiny's Municipal Heritage Register contains two different classifications, listed and designated. 

Township of Tiny's Municipal Heritage Register (PDF)

Additional information about municipal heritage registers can be found on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport's website, on the Township of Tiny's Information Sheet (PDF)​, or on the Provincial Information Sheet (PDF), and in our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Tiny's Designated Properties

St. Patrick's Church

a white church with a grassy lawn

Saint Patrick's Church is located in the heart of Wendat Huron territory near the Ossossane Bone pit.

Sainte-Croix Church

church made of red brick next to a courtyard

The Sainte-Croix Church was born of humble beginnings and community needs in the early 1850s.

Copeland Hill Cemetery

cemetery on a grassy hill next to a paved road

Copeland Hill Cemetery, also known as United Cemetery has a rich history, as it is connected with the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

Concession 2 East Railw​ay Bridge

railway bridge crossing over a dirt road

This small bridge is one of the few heritage items left from the North Simcoe Railway in the Township of Tiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Municipal Heritage Register Map

Browse the map below to view the various properties within the Township of Tiny that are designated or listed on the Municipal Heritage Register. Selecting a pin identifies it, and provides a brief explanation of the property’s cultural heritage value. 

Yellow pins indicate properties that have been designated under the Ontario Heritage Act
Blue pins indicate properties that have been listed on the Municipal Heritage Register. 

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