People lacing up figure skates and hockey skates

Outdoor Ice Rinks

The Township operates and manages two covered and one uncovered, natural outdoor ice rink surfaces in Perkinsfield, Lafontaine and Wyevale Parks. In addition, an​other uncovered, natural outdoor ice rink surface is operated in Toanche Park by a dedicated group of volunteers in partnership with the Township.

Current Rink Status

Rinks are open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.​​m., 7 days a week (weather permitting) and are free of charge. Rink status is updated daily by 9:30 am and throughout the day if conditions change.

RinkAddressCurrent Status
Wyevale Rink10 Concession 5 EastClosed for the season
Perkinsfield Rink43 County Road 6 SouthClosed for the season
Robert Robitaille (Lafontaine) Rink342 Lafontaine Road WestClosed for the season
Toanche Rink771 Champlain RoadClosed for the season

Users of the Out​door Ice Rinks do so at their own risk and therefore voluntarily assume all risks associated with use. Parents/guardians must supervise their children at all times. Outdoor equipment/structures are not sanitized. The Township of Tiny does not assume responsibility for related risks or injuries.

    Outdoor Rink Facility R​​ules

    To ensure a fair, equal, and safe recreational opportunity, please respect the following rules:

    • The use of CSA approved helmets is strongly recommended.
    • Only persons wearing skates are permitted on the ice surface.
    • Slap shots are not permitted at any time; pucks must stay on the rink surface at all times.
    • Refrain from use during periods of thaw when the ice surface is wet or soft.
    • Please respect the environment, disposing of litter in the appropriate receptacles provided.​