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​​Volunteering Opportunities

The Township of Tiny is committed to creating a caring and inclusive living environment through citizen engagement and provides opportunities for everyone to fully participate in the life of his or her community.  It recognizes the importance of the role volunteers can play in the achievement of its mission and mandate and enhancing the work of paid staff in the creation of a safe and enjoyable place in which to live. 

As a result, a Volunteer Program was developed to implement the Volunteer Policy approved by Council in January 2010.  The purpose of the volunteer program is to actively promote a mutually rewarding relationship between volunteers who offer their talents, skills, and time and staff who will support them in their efforts to cooperatively foster stewardship of municipally-owned community parks, natural areas, and recreation and social programs.  The development of general and specific policies for volunteer programs helps to ensure safe, meaningful, and responsible volunteer management practices.  The Volunteer Program is a living document, an ongoing process that continually strives to reflect community needs.

The Township of Tiny wishes to take this opportunity to thank its many devoted volunteers; your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!

Want to know more about volunteering for the Township of Tiny? 

Please call Maggie, 705-526-4204 ext 271 or email her at

Volunteer Recognition Awards

Request for Nominations

Click on the links below for more information about each award.

Corrie Hamelin Memorial Community Volunteer Award.pdf

Robert Robitaille Award.pdf

Deadline for submissions: October 17, 2017
Please submit to Maggie, Community Engagement Leader
130 Balm Beach Road, Tiny L0L 2J0
Phone: 705-526-4204 ext 271
Fax: (705) 526-2372

Outdoor Ice Rink Team

All of the outdoor rinks are owned and maintained by the Municipality. However, the Township welcomes volunteers to become involved in the Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Program as a member of an Outdoor Ice Rink Team (four or more volunteers).

The Township of Tiny's Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Program is a winter volunteer opportunity through which volunteers help flood and maintain a designated Township outdoor ice surface. 

The Township's Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Program is a fun and social program that gives people the opportunity to get together with friends and neighbours to help keep the Townships skating rinks flooded; looking clean and well cared for. 

Volunteers must undergo an interview and screening process before being accepted into the program. Once accepted, volunteers receive job specific orientation and training.  

A team of (at least) 4 volunteers must sign up by October 1st each year to fulfil this position.

For additional information on the Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Program, please contact Maggie at 705-526-4204 ext. 271 or

Job Description:

   Outdoor Ice Rink Team

Outdoor Ice Rink


Soccer Coach

Coach a team of players aged 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, or 13-15 years old. No experience required! The Township of Tiny soccer program runs out of the Wyevale Soccer Pitches.

There are 3 seasons of soccer you can volunteer for:

Spring - 6 weeks - May/June

Summer - 8 weeks - July/August

Fall - 6 weeks - September/October

For more information or to sign up, contact Maggie at or 705-526-4204 ext. 271.

Trail Monitor

Volunteers work in pairs to monitor, conserve, and protect the Tiny trail system.

Job Description:

Trail Monitor  

Community Gardens Makeover

To enhance and beautify parks, beaches, and public areas of the Township through an adoption program.

Job Description:

   Community Gardens Makeover

Dog Park Monitor

Tiny's Off-Leash Dog Park is located at 2 Winterset Ave (Balm Beach). The Township is seeking out passionate Dog Lovers/Volunteers who are interested helping to keep the park clean and safe for users.

The role of a Dog Park Monitor is:

  • To help get the public oriented with dog park rules and etiquette
  • To provide mature, adult presence for dogs and humans alike
  • To facilitate communication and cooperation amongst dog handlers, between dog handlers and other park users, and between dog park volunteer monitors and municipal staff
  • To create a positive environment for handlers and dogs

For more information, or to sign up, contact Maggie at or 705-526-4204 ext. 271.

Boardwalk and Beach Conservation

Volunteers work in pairs to monitor, conserve, and protect the natural resources of Tiny. Report hazards to the Township and clear pathways of debris i.e. sand from Tiny's public boardwalks and beaches.

Job Description:

   Boardwalk & Beach Conservation

Litter Pick-up

A public service program facilitated by volunteers to enhance the Township by picking-up litter along Township roads, beaches, trails, parks, and properties.

Job Description:

   Litter Pick-up

Stewardship Program

A partnership between the Township of Tiny and a community member or group, in which, the volunteer initiates a new program and/or service to local residents. The program is volunteer lead with support from the Township.

   Project Proposal

2017 CIT & CIT Plus Program

The Township of Tiny offers two Counselor-in-Training (CIT) programs open to youth ages 12 to 17. Both programs provide an excellent opportunity for youth to contribute to the community while developing leadership skills in a fun and safe environment. In order to maximize the experience, the CIT program is structured so that each participant completes a community engagement initiative, volunteers in the day camp setting, and in age appropriate activities. It is our goal that by the end of the program, each participant develops confidence, character and connections with peers.

The Township of Tiny's CIT Training is mandatory for all youth interested in volunteering in Tiny's Summer Day Camp program and/or to collect community service hours.  Each Leadership Camp includes a week of meaningful leadership training, a CIT shirt, and a volunteer opportunity in Tiny's Day Camp. CITs will be asked to provide their volunteer week(s) availability at the time of registration so that they can be assigned their volunteer week(s) as soon as possible.

The CIT Program is available for youth ages 12-17 and requires participants to volunteer for one week (40 hours) in the day camp setting. 

The CIT Plus Program is available for youth ages 14-17 that have already graduated from our CIT program. CIT Plus participants are required to volunteer for two weeks (80 hours) in the day camp setting. 

The CIT and CIT Plus programs were a huge success in 2017, with 35 CITs on board to assist with the Township's Summer Day Camp program, with a waiting list of youth hoping to participate.  So sign-up early to avoid disappointment!

For more information about the Counselor-in-Training program, please contact:

Emma Mills, Community Recreation Leader
(705) 526-4204 ext. 250 or

2017 Counselor-in-Training Program Documents

Online Registration Link:
Paper Copy Registration Link: 2017 CIT Registration Form.pdf
2017 CIT Poster: CIT 2017 Poster.pdf 

Counselor-in-Training Plus Program Documents

Online Registration Link:
Copy Registration Link: 2017 CIT Plus Registration Form.pdf
2017 CIT Plus Poster: CIT Plus 2017 Poster.pdf

Bluewater Planting Event

The Bluewater Beach planting is an annual project to transplant beach grasses from healthy areas on the dune to areas prone to erosion.  This initiative allows community groups and volunteers to partner and work together on the restoration of the dunes on our public beaches.

This event occurs annually on a weekend in October.

Contact Maggie​ at 705-526-4204 ext 271 or for more information or to sign up for the event.

Click on the link below to view last years event poster.

2016 Bluewater Planting Poster.pdf

Phragmites Digs

Phragmites Picture

Phragmites are an invasive reed that have appeared on Woodland Beach. Phragmites are found along the shorelines, ditches and road sides throughout Ontario.   Left unchecked, Phragmites will take over the natural vegetation of an area and destroy the property. In 2014 Woodland Beach Property Owners Association (WBPOA) formed a group of “Phrag Buster Volunteers” to remove / control Phragmites on Woodland Beach.  Three “digs” were organized to begin the assault on the invasive Phragmites.   In 2015, WBPOA Phrag Buster Volunteers formed a partnership with Tiny Township to work together. In total, five digs were organized over the summer, removing 433 bags of Phragmites from the Woodland Beach shoreline.
The preferred method is to cut with a shovel at the base of the stalk below the first node and just below the surface of the sand.  All cut stalks, seed heads and rhizomes (roots) must be removed from the site by placing them in yard waste bags to be disposed of at a municipal composting site. Experts say this technique robs the plants of photosynthesis and slowly kills them.   Cutting must be done several years in succession before results will be seen. Tiny Township is again assisting our efforts with scheduled bag pick-ups after the digs, as well as supplying yard waste bags, gloves and supplies.  From our first inspection this year it appears that growth is reduced in all areas targeted in 2014 and 2015.  Due to the high water levels this year, rhizomes (roots) are sticking out of the sand. It is important to remove the rhizomes before they break off and travel downstream and re-plant.

More information on Phragmites can be found at:

Woodland Beach Property Owners Website at

Tiny Cottager Website at

Ontario Phragmites Working Group at

If you are interested in volunteering for a dig, contact Maggie Off at or (705) 526-4204 ext. 271.