Wheat field

Environmental Services

The Township of Tiny is committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship, through the promotion of a healthier and more resilient environment, improvement of the quality of municipal infrastructure, and promotion of sustainable community planning. Find out more about the Township's environmental initiatives and services below. ​​


Man's hand planting seeds in the soil

Learn how sustainability initiatives are supporting the environment and business.

Geese Management and Carcass Removal

Flock of Canadian geese flying

Information on management of wild animals in the Township.

Invasive Species

Phragmites seed pods growing on stocks

Plant, animal and fungus species impact the environment in our Township.

Community Gardens

Women watering a garden plot at Tiny's Community Garden

Find out how to tour and join one of our community gardens.


Bee collecting pollen from a lavender plant

How we promote a healthy, sustainable habitat for pollinators.

Water Conservation

running water from a faucet into a glass

Tips on how to conserve water