Women watering a garden plot at Tiny's Community Garden

Community Gardens

The Community Garden is a space to plant and care for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. It positively contributes to environmental, social, economic sustainability, and overall community engagement.

The Garden features 28 rentable plots (4 by 8 feet), an eco-lawn, sensory gardens, fruit trees, a communal herb spiral, and a naturalized wildflower garden that surrounds the enclosure creating a space for pollinators to forage.

Located at the South-East corner of Perkinsfield Park (43 County Road 6, Tiny), the facility is a locked, fenced-in area with municipal water access, rain barrels, compost bins, picnic tables, and a communal tool storage shed.

Renting a Plot

The Community Garden is open annually from May to October. Each year, gardeners pay an annual fee to register and rent a plot from the township.

Resident ReservationsMarch 25, 2024
General ReservationsApril 8, 2024

Download the Rental Application Form

Pay by credit card: Complete a form and email it to environment@tiny.ca. Once received and reviewed by staff, you will be emailed a link to pay with a credit card or Visa or MasterCard debit card. Please note: A 5% processing fee is collected on all transactions.

In-person, during office hours: Hard-copy forms and payment (debit, cash, or cheque) may be submitted at the Municipal Office.

In-person, outside office hours: Hard-copy forms and payment (exact cash or cheque) may be submitted using the drop-box located beside the front door of the Municipal Office.

Make all cheques payable to: Township of Tiny