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Internet Speed Test

The Township has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to collect the most detailed information relating to internet speeds accessed by local residents and businesses. Through this partnership the Township is providing access to CIRA's Internet Performance Test, which can be used on any kind of device without needing to download additional applications. The test operates independently from any major internet service provider network, which provides users with an overview of how their internet connection performs in real-world conditions.

When you conduct this test, you are helping us demonstrate the need for and the impact of improved broadband infrastructure throughout the Township. Not only will conducting the speed test provide you with real time results about your internet connection’s performance, it also provides us with the valuable metrics too. Test results will be used to share with service providers, funding agencies and other stakeholders interested in improving the digital landscape in the Township.

If you have any questions about the speed test please visit CIRA's "How the Internet Performance Test Works" page.

Click on the document How to do a Speed Test (PDF) to help you perform a speed test on your internet connection in Tiny.

Don't have internet?

  • We really want to hear from you.... Click on the document Don't have Internet (PDF) to let us know that you do not have internet and/or do not have enough speed to start the test,
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