Mapping & GIS

The Township’s Mapping &​ GIS Services is responsible for the development and maintenance of spatial information throughout the Township. This includes collecting, storing, and displaying spatial data for all departments for the purpose of queries, analyses and generation of maps and reports. In addition, the GIS department provides the public with a number of tools and services to explore Township data, including:

  • ​Interactive Map Viewers​
  • Pre-made Downloadable Maps
  • Custom Mapping Services

Additional map products can be explored at the County of Simcoe’s Maps​ page. 


Interactive Maps

The following interactive maps enable you to navigate throughout the Township of Tiny, exploring the unique features within the Township.  


Downloadable Maps​

The following downloadable maps are available for your convenience. To view these maps, you are required to have a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader​ or alternative software.  These maps vary in size and are provided as-is, with the most current information available at the time of production with no assurances as to accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for intended use.  The maps are not a legal survey and are protected by copyright.


Planning Maps

The following maps are provided by the Planning Department:


Public Works Maps

The following maps are provided by the Public Works Department:


Custom Mapping Services

Custom paper maps can be purchased at the Township Municipal Office for a cost. This cost is dependent on the resources required to develop the map, with the finished product also being offered in digital PDF format. For inquiries on Custom Mapping Services please call 705-526-4204. 

Please note that only data owned and maintained by the Township of Tiny can be re-produced​ for purchase. Data not owned by the Township and/or located outside the Township boundary should be directed to the County of Simcoe's Maps department​.