Motorized Vehicles/ATV

person wearing a helmet and driving an ATV

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are a popular type of Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) and it is important to check with the appropriate Township or Town when planning your route. Each municipality in Ontario regulates the ORV/ATV use on their roads and within their municipally owned property.

At the November 3, 2021 Committee of the Whole Council Meeting of Council, Council reviewed Public Works Report PW-043-21 regarding ATV/ORV By Law Update. Subsequently, Council passed By-law 21-103 Regulation of ATV and ORV use on Township Assumed Roads which permits ATV/ORV use on specific municipally assumed roadways. As per the Bylaw, residents are permitted to use ATV/ORV on the following roadways with the following stipulations:

​Street Name​From​To
​Concession Road 4 West​339 Concession Road 4 West​Simcoe County Road 6
​Concession Road 4 East​Simcoe County Road 6​Dawson's Side Road
​Dawsons Side Road​Concession Road 4 East​Concession Road 2 East
​Concession Road 2 East​Dawsons Side Road​Baseline Road South
​Baseline Road South​Concession Road 2 East​Townline with Springwater
  1. No person shall operate an ATV/ORV within the Township of Tiny between sunset and sunrise the following day - except where approved in advance by Council in association with a special event or other activities
  2. No person shall operate or use an ATV/ORV within the Township of Tiny between November 30th and April 30th of any given year
  3. ATVs/ORVs shall not be operated on the Township of Tiny highways at a rate of speed greater than:
    • 20km/h, if the speed limit is not greater than 50km/h; or
    • 50km/h, if the speed limit is greater than 50km/h

Public Notice - June 30, 2020

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