Person obtaining a parking permit from parking machine

Parking Enforcement

The Township of Tiny Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of our municipal By-laws including Parking By-law 20-015.  In addition to proactive parking enforcement, Officers respond reactively to complaints from the public on a seasonal enforcement coverage basis.  Should you have a parking enforcement complaint or concern, please call the By-law Department at (705) 526-4136. A By-law Officer will be dispatched to the complaint and take appropriate action. Enforcement of parking restrictions supports road safety, traffic flow, accessibility, emergency vehicle access and assists the Township in managing its maintenance standards.

To view Parking By-law 20-015, and the current By-law Enforcement Coverage please follow the links below:

Parking By-law 20-015

General Parking Restrictions

The Parking By-law also stipulates a number of parking restrictions within the Township of Tiny. The below list is some of the most common violations.

No person shall park a vehicle on a highway:

  • in such a manner as to obstruct a sidewalk;
  • within three (3) metres of a fire hydrant;
  • within an intersection;
  • within nine (9) metres of an intersection;
  • or parking area for the purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale;
  • and obstruct or park in front of any portion of a public or private driveway or laneway;
  • a heavy vehicle on any highway or parking area, except for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading, but not to obstruct traffic;
  • or stand or stop a vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or the clearing of snow from a highway;
  • or parking area or stop a vehicle where stopping is prohibited;
  • or parking area where parking is prohibited;
  • or leave any vehicle on the municipality's property where parking by the public is not authorized;
  • where signs regarding Tow-Away Zones have been erected and are on display;
  • where signs regarding Fire Access Routes have been erected and are on display;
  • where signs regarding Disabled Parking have been erected and are on display, unless they display a valid Accessible Parking Permit;
  • in a Permit Parking Zone without a Parking Permit;
  • without paying for parking, where required at a Parking Machine;
  • and repair, service or paint a vehicle on a highway;
  • that is an unlicensed vehicle, unattached trailer, object or other thing.

Other Parking Services

Parking permits are available online or through a downloadable .pdf application by clicking on the link Permits and Licences.

For additional information on specific parking enforcement programs, locations and initiatives, please click on the links or open and review the following accordions.

Parking Locations Map

Parking Permit Areas Map