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Short-Term Rental Licensing

Short-Term Rental Accommodations (STRs) allow for residents to offer a place of accommodation or temporary residence through online platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Kijiji etc. 

Council passed By-law 22-017 on August 11th, 2022 to regulate STRs within the Township. For background information please visit the accordion below titled: Council Reports, Presentations and Background Information.

The Short-Term Rental Accommodation licensing program was initiated by the Township of Tiny to address community concerns and to ensure all rentals operate safely in accordance with the Short-Term Rental By-law 22-017, the Fire Protection Standards, the Ontario Building Code and Township By-laws. Residents and property owners who wish to rent their property for a period of 28 days or less are required to obtain a licence.

Short-Term Rental Licence Applications are being accepted until a total of 300 Applications have been received. Once 300 Licence Applications have been received, the application process will be closed until the number of Licences issued falls below the 300 limit set out in By-law 22-017, as amended.

11 02 2023 Press Release -Municipal Law Enforcement Department reminds Short-Term Rental owners of annual license renewal process

11 01 2023 - Municipal Law Enforcement Report MLE-011-23 -Fee By-law Amendment - Short Term Rental Licence

10 11 2023 - Municipal Law Enforcement Report MLE-010-23 - Short-Term Rental Licensing Update

08 08 2023 Press Release – Short-Term Rental Waitlist Application and Submitting Complaints

Licensing Process


Short-Term Rental Accommodation Licence Status

The below interactive map provides the status of Short-Term Rental Accommodation Applications and Licences. The map provides specific details regarding the Short-Term Rental including the address, licence details, licence number, occupancy limit, number of licenced bedrooms, and the name and contact information of the Responsible Person. The name and contact information of the owner will not be posted online unless that person is also the responsible person.

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Please contact the Licensing Officer by emailing or by calling 705-526-4204.