Winter Maintenance

Winter conditions are regularly monitored in all areas of the Township of Tiny. As winter approaches, a sand/salt mixture is stockpiled, plows are installed and roads personnel work out routes and undergo training to prepare for the first snowfall. 

The Township is responsible for maintaining 470 km of roads and 5.1 km of sidewalks. The Township fleet is made up of 10 plows with sand/salt spreaders, two graders and one loader for narrow roads and cul-de-sacs, two pick-up trucks for narrow roads and parking lots and one sidewalk plow.​​


Snowplow operations begin with the first significant snowfall. This can be as early as October or as late as December. 

Township bylaws prohibit parking or stopping on the road in a way that interferes with plowing operations. Plow operators need clear roadways to complete their routes safely and on time. 

Under the Highway Traffic Act, residents are not allowed to deposit snow on the roadway. When clearing snow, pile it on your property – do not shovel it onto the sidewalk, onto the road or across the road into the ditch. This practice is dangerous because it covers the sand and may cause drivers to lose control while plowing through the snow.


The sand applied to roads is mixed with 7-8% salt to prevent the sand from freezing. During freezing rain or other icy conditions this mixture may be increased to 12% to provide safer driving conditions. The Township does not apply unmixed salt to roads.

Sanding is normally completed on hills, curves and intersections but may be applied to other areas if icy conditions occur.

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