Water Accounts & Connection

Applying to connect

Municipal water service is available in select areas of Tiny Township. Properties that are serviced by municipal water can apply to connect to the water system by filling out a Water Connection Request form. This form can be dropped of at the township municipal office along with a $250 connection fee.  Water Connection Standards should be reviewed and followed for a successful connection inspection.

Making the connection

The property owner is responsible for connecting to the water system. Each property has a designated curb valve located near the property line. Note:  This curb valve can only be operated by Municipal water department staff. Operating this valve will result in set fines to the property owner.

In two systems, Lefaive and parts of Lafontaine, the Water Department will make the connection to the curb valve. In all other areas, the property owner will make the connection. 

Every new connection is inspected and tested by the Water Department. The property owner will leave the entire length of the service line exposed for this purpose. The property owner will contact the Water Department 48 hours before the inspection is required to schedule the appointment. There must be someone on site when the inspection is completed and a pressure tester left in place.  When the inspection passes, the Water Department will turn on the water service to the property.

Connection Standards can be found at the link below:

Township of Tiny Water Connection Standards​ (PDF)


There is a fee for the water inspection paid at the time the water connection request is made. Water service billing starts when the water connection is completed and inspected. Following the inspection, the homeowner will be sent an invoice for the water service prorated for the current calendar year. In all subsequent years the water billing will be incorporated into the property tax bill.


Any questions or inquiries can be emailed to water@tiny.ca or call 705-526-4204