Sewage System Permits

Apply Online

Man using CloudPermit software on computer

Submit a sewage system application online with Cloudpermit.

Apply In-Person

Complete a form

Download and print a sewage system application to be submitted in-person.

We recommend that you consult with a Licensed Sewage System Designer/Installer for help in completing your sewage system design and application.

A Sewage System Permit is required for:

  • New or replacement class 2-5 sewage system under 10,000 litres/day
  • Septic tank replacement, repair, lot suitability, severance, modifications to, or upgrading of, a class 2-5 sewage system

A Sewage System Review is required for:

  • A Planning Application (Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Minor Variance)
  • An addition, renovation or conversion
  • A second unit or accessory apartment

Development of Vacant Land

For information regarding the development of vacant land and the associated sewage system requirements please visit our Building on a Vacant Lot webpage.