Police Services Board

Council passed a resolution to expand the The Township of Tiny Police Services Board from a three-member board to a five-member board comprised of a member of Council, a community representative and two provincially appointed representatives. 

Police Services Boards oversee how policing is provided in their local community. They contribute to the community's safety and well-being by working with local citizens and organizations to ensure their community receives the appropriate policing it needs.

The Board advises the assigned Ontario Provincial Police detachment commander with respect to police services in the municipality and shall

a) generally determine the objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate.

b) establish, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate, any local policies with respect to police services (but not provincial policies of the Ontario Provincial Police with respect to police services).

c) monitor the performance of the detachment commander.

d) receive regular reports from the detachment commander or his or her designate on disclosures and decisions made under Section 49 (secondary activities).

Police Services Act

Members of Police Services Board Code of Conduct

Community Safety & Well-Being Plan

As per the Police Services Act, municipalities are required to develop and adopt a CSWB Plan by July 1, 2021.  

North Simcoe Community Safety and Well-Being Plan 2021 to 2025 (PDF)

Municipalities have the flexibility to complete this task individually or in partnership with neighbouring municipalities to develop a joint plan. The Township of Tiny has partnered with the Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene and the Township of Tay to develop a joint North Simcoe Community Safety and Well-being Plan. The priority areas determined for this Plan include:

  • Mental Health and Addictions
  • Attainable Housing 
  • Education. 

CSWB planning involves a collaborative approach including consultations with various sectors, agencies and organizations, including but not limited to, police services, health/mental health services, educational services, community/social services and community services to children/youth and custodial services to children/youth. 
The goal of the CSWB Plan is to outline strategies and actions to improve safety and well-being for the community.  

Committee members

Vacancy, Provincial Appointee
Timothy Lukasewich, Chair, Board Member
David Evans, Mayor, Council Representative 
Kelly Peter Hellowka, Vice Chair, Council Representative 

Sue Walton
Director of Legislative Services/Clerk
Staff Resource
705-526-4204, Ext. 225