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Permits & Licences


Block Party Application Form
Public Interest Application

A block party is a gathering of adjacent neighbours who want to connect and celebrate their community. It's a great way to get know your…

Business Licence

Dog License

All dog owners in the Township of Tiny are required to obtain a license for their pet annually. All licenses expire on December 31st each year.…

Entrance Permit

An entrance permit must be obtained for any works done to an entrance (driveway) that affects the Township owned roadway. These works include the…

Marriage Licence Application

Clerks provides marriage licence services for residents of the Township of Tiny.

Municipal Land Access Permit

A Municipal Land Access Permit must be obtained should a resident/ contractor need permission to traverse Township owned land in order to complete…

Non-Resident Parking Permit

Non-Resident Parking Permits are available only to residents of the Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene, Township of Tay and the Township of…

Open Air Burning Permit (Class "A")

All property owners in the Township of Tiny are required to obtain an Open Air Burning Permit (Class "A"), commonly known as a fire permit, before…

Resident Parking Permit

Permit Parking is in effect from April 15th to October 15th each year. Resident Parking Permits are available to taxpayers (permanent and seasonal…

Short-Term Rental Licensing

Short-Term Rental Accommodations (STRs) allow for residents to offer a place of accommodation or temporary residence through online platforms like…