Open Air Burning Permit (Class "A")


All property owners in the Township of Tiny are required to obtain an Open Air Burning Permit (Class "A"), commonly known as a fire permit, before having any outdoor fires. The cost is $25 per calendar year, plus a 5% processing fee for online transactions. The fine for failing to obtain a fire permit is $365 or a summons to appear in court.

Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.33. as amended. Furthermore, any person who contravenes this by-law may be subject to additional fees for the dispatching of fire services.

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to know if a fire ban is in effect. Always check the current fire rating online at the Fire Hazard Rating page or contact the Municipal Office.

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