Non-Resident Parking Permit

NEW At the February 23, and March 16, 2022, Council meetings, Council reviewed Municipal Law Enforcement Report MLE-002-22 and Municipal Enforcement Report MLE 003-22 regarding the Non-Resident Parking Permit Program.

Subsequently, Council approved the use of a digital permit parking platform to issue 14-day permits, each day, on a first-serve basis, to Non-Residents at a cost of $20/day. This new system provides Non-Resident with greater access to Permit Parking Areas and is in keeping with concerns raised regarding affordability.

A Non-Resident continues to be defined as a resident of the Town of Midland, the Town of Penetanguishene, the Township of Tay, and the Township of Springwater. 

Please review the attached Guide on setting up an account and confirming your eligibility as a Non-Resident in advance (3–5 day approval). Once you have been approved, you can purchase a permit for the day you plan to attend the beach. If the 14 Non-Resident Permits are sold out for the day, you are still able to use the Pay Parking locations at Balm Beach, Jackson Park, Lafontaine Beach, and Woodland Beach.

Link To Guide

Link to Parking Locations Map 

05 16 2022 -Press Release Township of Tiny launches new digital non-resident parking program