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Property Tax

New - Paperless (E-billing)  – Sign up now!

E-billing is a new secure and convenient way to receive an electronic version of your property tax bill and or water bill directly to your email. 

To sign up for paperless tax bills and or water bills, complete the form below and email it to

Paperless E-billing Sign-up Form

How to Pay your Property Taxes

We offer five payment options, outlined in the sections below.

Late Payment Charges

All payments must be received at the Township Office by the due date.  Absolutely no extensions will be granted. 

Penalty and interest charges of 1.25% per month, effective the first day of default, will be applied.

Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse an owner from payment or relieve them from any late payment charges.  If you do not receive your bill, please contact the Finance Department.

Other Tax Information