Municipal Law Enforcement Update July 22 to 24, 2022

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(Tiny, Ontario) Over the period of July 22 to 24, Township By-law Officers were on full patrol responding to calls ranging from noise complaints to illegal parking and dog complaints.

Offence Type


Noise By-Law – Cause or permit noise by yelling, shouting, or ringing bells


Noise By-Law – Permit a noise from a domestic pet or animal due to barking, calling, or whining


Township By-law Officers patrolled a total of 255 km via bikes and responded to 55 complaints. By-law Officers issued 97 parking tickets for illegally parked vehicles. For current parking regulations visit the Township’s website at

The Township of Tiny would like to remind the community that Noise Control By-law #21-028, Section 3.1 states: “No person shall emit or cause or permit the emission of noise resulting from activity listed in Schedule “A” if clearly audible at a point of reception.” The following are two examples of complaints commonly reported to the municipality:

  • The operation of any electronic device or group of connected electronic devices incorporating one or more loudspeakers or other electromechanical transducers, and intended for the production, reproduction, or amplification of sound;
  • Persistent barking, calling or whining or other similar persistent noise made by any domestic pet or any other animal kept or used for any purpose other than agriculture;

Concerns regarding non-compliance can be reported to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department at 705-526-4136.

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