Water Meters &

As per by-law 21-069, water meters will now be required for all customers on the Wyevale Municipal Water System as well as all industrial, commercial, and institutional customers on any other Municipal Water System within the Township of Tiny.

This is because the Township of Tiny is moving away from flat rate billing. Each customer will be charged fees based on the actual amount of water they consume. This ensures equitable water billing and encourages water conservation. Metering each property also aids the municipality in identifying leaks within its distribution network.

Wyevale has been selected as the initial system for the rollout of the metering program due to the high per capita water usage observed on this system, the non-seasonal nature of the residences within the community, and the limited reservoir capacity on that system, which is taxed during dry periods when many residents are watering their lawns.​

There will be no charge to the property owners for the meter installation.


New Water Rates

The final rates based on consumption have not yet been determined. Usage based billing will not be implemented until 2023. For 2022, customers will be charged the standard flat rate, however they will be informed of their usage and what they will potentially be paying once they are on usage-based billing.

The intent of the Township is to set the final usage-based rates so that revenue is neutral compared to flat rate billing. A property which uses the average amount of water will pay approximately the same as they would pay with the flat rate. A property that uses less water than the average could see savings versus what they pay under the current billing system.

Meter Installation

The Township has awarded the project to Neptune Technology Group. They will be contacting affected property owners in the coming weeks in order to begin installations in September 2021. Residents are asked to register with Neptune to have their meter installed by October 15th 2021.

A typical installation takes about one hour to complete, barring any complications.

Meter Maintenance

The municipality is responsible for future maintenance of the meter. The property owner is responsible for providing adequate heat as not to damage the meter. Just like a hydro meter, it is illegal to tamper with the water meter.